AIMTPA – All India MSME and Tax Professionals Association has invited two GST Experts on it’s Platform on 24th July 2021 and a webinar was organized to discuss the Ground realities and problems of Goods and Service tax. The Experts were CA (Adv.) Bimal Jain and CA Sudhir Halakhandi. The experts discussed various issues related to the Goods and service Tax and its intricacies.


Mr. VK Bothra, the President of AIMTPA inaugurated the webinar and discuss the Aims and Objects of the AIMTPA which is working for simplification of Indian Taxation system besides giving the brief introductions of the experts. He thanked both the experts for giving their precious time and grace the dies by their presence on the occasion of “Guru Purnima” specially to GST Guru Bimal Jain.

GST GURU BIMAL JAINCA Sudhir Halakhandi, who is working for the problems of the Tax payers since inception of the GST in India has raised various issues related to the Ground realities of the GST and CA (Adv.) Bimal Jain has replied his question with his Expertise on the Subject. The matter of discussion was Input credit, E-way Bill, GST returns, RCM composition dealers, GST Notices and GST Amnesty scheme. Mr. Bimal Jain urged that if the Government has brought the Amnesty for dealers who has not filed their returns, then it should also relax the provision of section 16(4) and also give the facility to revoke the cancelled registrations. The revision facility for the GST return GSTR-3B is also a necessity and its should be provided by the Lawmakers. The matter of ITC on capital goods in the case of Export of Goods on LUT was also raised and the he urged the Lawmakers to end the disparity in this respect.

CA SUDHIR HALAKHANDIBoth the experts were agreed that simplification of Goods and Service Tax should be the first priority of the Government and now it should be done very fast otherwise the dealers will continue to face complications of the procedures of GST though the GST was introduced in our country for Simplification of the Indirect Tax system.

CA Sudhir Halakhandi, before the end of the webinar said that single taxation system was promised by the law makers while introducing the concept of GST and Indian Trade and Industry was also waited for the same but the current GST system is a dual Taxation system hence the central government should continue its efforts with communication with the states to bring single GST system in India.

At the end of the webinar Mr. Nemi chand Sharma the General Secretary of the AIMTPA thanked both the speakers and all the Participants for giving their valuable time. The webinar is available on YouTube channel AIMTPA the official You tube channel of All India MSME and Tax professional Association.

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