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After demonetisation, country is going to face another challenge in the form of GST. Tax-payers as well as general public is in haphazard position. States of India and government offices are facing problems in respect of the working of GST. Traders of many sectors like textiles, jewellery have gone on strike against GST. GSTN portal is not working well and is likely to be slower when whole of India will operate on a common portal of GST. VAT of different states, Central Excise, the main taxes in the GST have a lot of daily work and when on coming together on one single site huge work is going to make the portal absolutely busy. Still tax-payers are understanding the Forms, HSN Codes, Rates of taxes which have been prescribed at the eleventh hour. Items of daily use are likely to be costlier and services, also. Dissentment of GST Council Members and Officials of Commercial Tax Office in some states over certain issues just before launch of GST itself shows its practical problems.

Already, Govt. is facing criticism from many sectors, in respect of difficulties faced by the countrymen in respect of demonetisation; GST may prove to be wrong decision for Govt. In many countries, the party which introduced GST lost heavily the next elections and in some countries GST was stopped after its introduction. In America, there is no GST and infrastructure facilities have to be well equipped before launch of tax system like GST.

The linking of PAN-Aadhaar scheme is also irking tax payers. The Government is planning the change of Financial Year to Calendar Year from 01.01.2018 which may bring a set of problems for countrymen.

Government should think over the ground realities of India like power shortages/ cuts, internet facilities, weather problems,  commoner financial problems, etc. while making rules common for rich and poor the same.

The opposition parties may take advantages of the above problems faced by general public by raising the practical problems faced by the countrymen which are also genuine. The working of the Government must be friendly to citizens of India. Not much has been gained from recent visit to America by Mr. Modi and killing of people, army-men continuously in Kashmir and growing disturbances there, problems faced by Amarnath pilgrims every year are some of the issues which raise the question mark on the working of Government for which it was brought into the power by public at large.

The neighbours like China, Nepal, Pakistan, are not working in tune with Government international policies.

The Trumph card of Govt i.e. the Ram Temple construction issue at the Ayodhya, is still in dispute.

Therefore, Government should think twice over the above issues to remain in power in next tenure as the Central Elections are coming in 2019.

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