This e-book on Bahrain VAT by CA Pritam Mahure contains the following-


Value Added Tax (VAT) in Bahrain

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1. Basics of indirect taxation.

2. Primer on VAT.

3. VAT in GCC.

4. About Bahrain.

5. Taxes in Bahrain.

6. Things you must know about VAT.

6.1 VAT is payable on supply.

6.2 VAT payable as per time of supply

6.3 Determining Place of Supply could be the key

6.4 Valuation in VAT.

6.5 Input tax credit in VAT.

6.6 Rate of VAT.

6.7 VAT framework comprises of Decree Law and Tax Regulations

7. Commentary on VAT.

7.1 VAT introduction also brings disruption!

7.2 VAT impacts businesses and their supply chain

7.3 Prepare step plan for each team!

7.4 Top-down or bottom up approach for VAT!

7.5 Co-ordination amongst team is critical for VAT implementation!

7.6 VAT shapes technology!.

7.7 Review ERP systems.

7.8 Its about who blinks first! .

7.9 VAT Impact varies based on who the buyer is! .

7.10 Everything is bi-lateral in VAT!.

7.11 Out of VAT means out of business!.

7.12 VAT evolution is continuous process! .

7.13 VAT impacts working capital! .

7.14 Optimise VAT credits! .

7.15 Input Tax credit – Online matching.

7.16 Reverse Charge mechanism .

7.17 If VAT provides for option, seek clarification! .

7.18 Periodic VAT Returns! .

7.19 Periodic VAT Returns in VAT may become redundant!.

7.20 Gear up for VAT Audit!.

7.21 Enabling VAT administrators is key!.

7.22 Empowering consumers is important! .

7.23 Educate VAT payers! .

7.24 Enable fintech I.

7.25 Make the law and portal multi-lingual! .

7.26 VAT is a ‘rarest of rare’ policy of Government.

7.27 Government needs to find right ‘balance’ between protecting interest!

7.28 Government Authorities need to extensively co-ordinate!.

7.29 Simpler user interface of VAT portal is helpful!.

8. Five steps to be VAT ready.

9. VAT in United Arab Emirates – Experiential Intelligence (EI). 76

9.1 Single rate!.

9.2 Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) is only a disclosure!.

9.3 One-page return! .

9.4 Staggered VAT return filing!.

9.5 Prices inclusive of VAT! .

9.6 Substantive FTA initiatives!.

9.7 Few challenges!.

9.8 GCC countries yet to become one common market!.

9.9 Way forward for VAT in GCC.

10. Common VAT Agreement GCC.

Chapter One – Definitions and General Provisions.

Chapter Two – Supplies within the Scope of the Tax.

Chapter Three – Place of Supply.

Chapter Four – Tax Due Date.

Chapter Five – Calculation of Tax.

Chapter Six – Exceptions.

Chapter Seven – Exceptions on Import.

Chapter Eight – Persons who are Obligated to Pay Tax.

Chapter Nine – Deduction of Tax.

Chapter Ten – Obligations .

Chapter Eleven – Special Treatments of Tax Refunds.

Chapter Twelve – Exchange of Information among Member States.

Chapter Thirteen – Transitional Provisions .

Chapter Fourteen – Objections and Appeals.

Chapter Fifteen – Closing Provisions.

11. GST – International Scenario.


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