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The most important and challenging Indirect tax reform is upon us. Be the many changes, GST will pose, it will certainly impact the businesses financially. The attached workbook contains Formats for filling Sales and Purchases details based on current Indirect tax structure. After putting the sufficient details in easy to use 7 sheets, you may get the GST – Financial Impact upon your business at an elementary level.

The Impact Sheet may come handy to those users, who haven’t arrived upon the GST Impact on their business as of yet.

Download GST Financial Impact Calculator

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9 responses to “Download GST Financial Impact Calculator”

  1. Hardik Dave says:

    Good effort indeed! Will be useful for an estimate particularly for small businesses that cannot invest in ERP/taxation software

  2. BHUSHN says:


  3. CA. Nayan Jain says:

    Good Work Pls Also Explain The Excel Sheet For User Friendly Use

  4. JAIPAL says:


  5. jignesh j shah says:


  6. Satish Kalra says:

    Thanks to Mr. Manish
    Sending Precious detail on GST Impact

  7. CA Prakash Udeshi says:

    Informative and helpful tool. Thank you for sharing

  8. CA Chandravijay Shah says:

    Presentation in Excel is below average and not at all user-friendly.

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