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08-June-2017 18:08 IST

Daily Consumer goods being used by the common man among others to become cheaper after GST .

Implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on the following items will have zero rate after the GST Law comes into force on 1st July, 2017.

As a result of which these items will be available at cheaper rates to the common man at large:

1) Foodgrains and flours

a. Cereals

b. Pulses

c. Atta

d. Maida

e. Besan

Except branded ones with registered trade mark in whose case GST will be charged at the rate of 5 %.

2) Fresh milk

3) Fresh vegetables and fresh fruits

4) Puffed rice (muri)

5) Common salt

6) Animal feed

7) Organic manure

8) Fire wood

9) Raw silk/raw wool/jute

10) Hand operated agriculture equipments.

Due to no GST on these items, most of them are expected to become cheaper in the range of approximately 4-5% as compared to their existing prices.

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