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1)      Date on which Turnover limit exceeded [not required in case of Voluntary Registration]

1.      Sales

1.      Date of Sale

2.      Bill No.

3.      Name & Address of the vendor

4.      Name of Commodity

5.      Amount (Rs.)

2.      Purchases

1.      Date of Sale

2.      Bill No.

3.      Name & Address of the vendor

4.      TIN No.

5.      Name of Commodity

6.      Amount (Rs.)

2)      Date of Commencement of business

3)      Copy of existing Sale Tax Registration of the company elsewhere, if any

4)      Address of Principal Place of Business

5)      Address of Additional Place of Business (if any)

6)      Details of Bank Account along with MICR Code & Cancelled Cheque and also the photocopy of the latest bank statement.

7)      Main Commodities to be sold

8)      Main Commodities to be purchased

9)      Details of all directors (Address, PAN, Father’s Name, Contact No. etc)

10)  2 Latest passport size Photograph of Applicant

11)  Certified true Copies of MoA & AOA

12)  Proof of permanent residential address of Maharashtra* (At least 2 documents out of the following documents containing the name and present address)

i.    Copy of passport

ii.    Copy of driving licence

iii.    Copy of election photo identity card

iv.    Copy of property card or latest receipt of property tax of Municipal corporation/Council/Granm Panchayat as the case may be

v.    Copy of latest paid electricity bill in the name of the applicant.

vi.    Copy of ration card.

13)  Proof of place of business

i.    In case of owner : Proof of ownership of premises viz. copy of property card or ownership deed or agreement with the builder or any other relevant documents.
ii. In case of tenant : Proof of tenancy/sub-tenancy like copy of tenancy Sub-tenant agreement or rent receipt or leave and licence or consent letter, etc. supported by Documents showing ownership of licensor or person giving consent. Also, NOC from the landlord. 


14)  PAN Card of the Company, Authorised Signatory and all the Directors

15)      D.D/P.O of Rs. 25,000/- & Rs. 5,025/- drawn in favor of Bank of Maharashtra A/C MVAT (In case, place of business in Mumbai or other places in Maharashtra whose functioning offices are at Konkan Bhawan Belapur CBD e.g. Raigad, Alibaug etc ) else State Bank of India, A/C MVAT, payable at respective jurisdictional place. DD/P.O. should be drawn ONLY on nationalized banks like SBI, PNB, UBI etc

16)      Court Stamp of Rs. 25/- for CST to be affixed on application

17)      Letter of Authority on Company’s Letter Head in favor of the consultant in Form 709 (2 copies) [Format attached]

18)      Declaration in Form 105 [Format attached]

19)      On the letter head of the Company – resolution of appointing Authorized signatory to act in this regards.

* In case of Non Resident Dealer, local address of Maharashtra is not required and their application is processed at a separate counter at Sales Tax Office, Mazgaon. A manual  Form 101 is filed and submitted along with the online Application Form.


A.    Central Excise (2 copies of all the documents listed below)

1)      PAN card copy of the company

2)      PAN card copy of authorized signatory

3)      Ground plan of factory (which should also provide description of boundaries of premises to be registered)

4)      List of directors (Address, PAN, Father’s Name, Contact No. etc)

5)      Memorandum and Articles of Association/Partnership deed

6)      General power of attorney (in case application is signed by authorized agent)

7)      PAN card copy of directors/partners other than signatories

8)      Address proofs of the factory premises like:

a.       Copy of purchase agreement along with electricity bill, water bill etc., if factory is owned

b.      Copy of Leave and license agreement along with electricity bill, water bill etc., if factory is taken on lease and No objection certificate’ from the licensor and last paid rent receipt

9)      Residence proof of directors

10)  Registration Certificate under any other laws (VAT/CST/IEC etc), if any

11)  List of Finish Goods of Major Excisable Products

12)  List of Raw Materials  used for Final Finished Excisable Products

13)  Passport Size photograph of Directors (Department insists upon sometime to bring photo also)

PS : All documents should be duly attested as mentioned under A & B

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