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In this Article we have discussed the FAQ related to Eligibility to Register as Voter, How to Register as Voter or How to apply for Voting Card, Who is not eligible for the same, Documents Required to Register, Forms For Registration and where to Register?
Frequently Asked Questions :Voters Enrollment Process

Q 1. Who is eligible for enrolment as a Voter?

Ans.   (a) Every Citizen Who is 18 years old on the qualifying date( 1st January of the concerned year, unless disqualified is eligible to be enrolled)

             (b) Enrolment only at ordinary place of residence.

             (c) Enrolment only at one place.

             (d) Overseas Indian deemed to be ordinarily resident at address given in passport.

             (e) Service Voters deemed to be ordinarily resident at their home address.

Q.2   Who is disqualified to become voter?

Ans.  Only persons who are of unsound mind and have been declared so by a competent court or disqualified due to ‘Corrupt Practices’ or offences relating to elections are not entitled to be registered in the electoral rolls.

Q 3.  Which is the relevant date for determining the age qualification of 18 years? ?

Ans.  According to Section 14 (b) of the R. P. Act, 1950, the qualifying date means the first day of January of the year in which the electoral roll is prepared or revised.

Q 4.  Suppose you have completed 18 years of age today. Can you get yourself registered as voter.?

Ans:  No . You can get yourself registered as Voter only on Ist January or thereafter of the year in which the electoral roll is prepared or revised.

Q 5.  What proof of residence do I need to show to get enrolled as a voter.?

Ans:  You can show any  proof of residence like Passport, Bank Pass Book, Driving license etc. or any Govt. document to facilitate the work of registration.

Q 6.  Can a non –Citizen of India become a voter.?

Ans: . No . A person who is not a citizen of India cannot be registered as a voter. Article 326 of the Constitution read with Sec. 16 of R. P. Act, 1950 clarify the point.

Q 7.  Can a non resident Indian Citizen become a voter.?

Ans. Yes, according to the provisions of the Representation of the People (Amendment) Act, 2010, a person who is a citizen of India and who has not acquired the citizenship of any other country and is otherwise eligible to be registered as a voter and who is absenting from his place of ordinary residence in India owing to his employment, education or otherwise is eligible to be registered as  a voter in the constituency in which his place of residence in India as mentioned in his passport is located.

Q 8. If I am working and living in Delhi , Can I be a voter in my native village.?

Ans. No . If you are working in Delhi and residing there, you are an ordinary resident of Delhi in terms of Sec 19 (b). Therefore you can be enrolled at Delhi only and not in your native village.

Q 9. Can one be enrolled at more than one place.?

Ans. No . A person cannot be enrolled as a voter in more than one place in the same constituency or in more than one constituency in view of the provisions contained under Sec. 17 and 18 of R. P. Act, 1950.

Q 10. How Can I enrol/ register as a new voter  and  get Voter ID Card ? What are various modes available to an eligible voter for an enrolment.?

Ans. You have to submit a filled in Form – 6  and submit it to the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) of the Assembly Constituency and your name will be included in the electoral roll as a voter. There are various ways to submit Form-6. These are as follows:

1. Online Application:

Step 1. Log on to www.eci.nic.in or www.ceodelhi.gov.in, or respective states  Chief Electoral Officer (CEOs)  websites where new voter ordinarily resides . Click on tab “ Online Voter Registration”

Step 2. Sign up to obtain a user name and password.

Step 3. Upload one passport size colour photo in the space mentioned. (mandatory)

Step 4. Upload the proof of residence and age (optional). In case you are unable to upload, the Booth Level Officer (BLO) may also collect the documents from your house.

2. By Post:

Step 1. Download Form-6 from  www.eci.nic.in or respective states CEOs  websites. Fill it and attach documents.

Step 2. Post it to the voter’s centre of your constituency.

3. Deliver By Hand :

STEP 1. Download Form-6 from  www.eci.nic.in or respective states CEOs  websites.     Fill it and attach necessary documents.

STEP 2. Give the completed form to the Voters Registration Centre of your constituency or to the BLO.

Q 11.  How I can get correction in names / other details that have been misspelt in the Electoral Roll or Voter ID Card.?

Ans. Such mistakes are usually in respect of age, spelling of name and address etc.

(a) Please fill in Form-8 along with proof of the correct information. For example, for getting age corrected, please attach proof of age such as School Board Examination Result Certificate. For proving correct residence, please give proof of residence etc.

(b) In case the mistake has been due to an error on the part of the Election Officials then the correction will be made free of cost. In case you are responsible for the mistake in the first place such as by entering incorrect information, then you need to pay Rs.25/- in cash at your voter’s registration centre for receiving the corrected Voter Identity Card (EPIC). Please remember to take the receipt for the amount paid by you.

Q 12.  How can an Non –resident Indian citizen get registered / enrolled as Voter.?

Ans.  He/she has to file the application for the purpose in prescribed Form 6A before the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) of the constituency within which the place of ordinary residence of the applicant in India as given in his/her valid passport falls. The application can be presented in perform before the ERO or sent by post addressed to the ERO concerned. If the application is sent by post it must be accompanied by duly self attested copy of the passport and all relevant documents mentioned in Form 6A.

Q 13. How Can You  check your name in electoral roll.?

Ans.    Go to the Home page of website  of the respective State CEOs and click on tab  “Check your Name in the Voter’s list” OR use SMS facility for checking your details Type EPIC<SPACE>Voter ID No and sent to 9211728082

 Q 14. How Can You find status of your application for enrolment. ?

Ans.  Go to the Home page of website of the respective State CEOs and click on tab “Know the Status of Your application for enrolment.”.

Q15.  I have shifted my residence recently. I have Photo EPIC Card with the old address. Can I get new EPIC Card for the present address?

Ans. In case you are already enrolled as a voter and have shifted your address, then the procedure to be followed to enrol you at your new address will depend on whether you are residing in the same Assembly Constituency or your new residence is in a new Assembly Constituency.

a) In case your new residence is in a different Assembly Constituency then you have to fill in Form 6. For this you can either fill it Online or give it personally or by post. For the procedure involved, please look at Answer to Question No. 10  above.

The only document that you are required to submit is the proof of your new residence such as electricity bill etc. No other document is required to be submitted by you.

b) In case your new residence is in the same Assembly Constituency then you have to fill Form 8A.

For this you can either fill it Online or give it personally or by post. For the procedure involved, please look at Answer to Question No. 10  above.

The only document that you are required to attach is proof of your new residence such as electricity bill etc. You are not required to submit any other document.

Q 16.    I have recently got married. How can I get my wife enrolled at my address?

Ans. This will depend on the following:-
(a) If your wife is a voter for the first time then she will have to fill in Form-6 for enrolment as a new voter.
(b) In case your wife is already a voter but not in the same Assembly Constituency (such as enrolled in some other Assembly Constituency of Delhi, or anywhere else in India), then she will need to fill in Form-6 for change of residence.
(c) If she is a voter in the same Assembly Constituency as you but needs only to change her address then, in such case she needs to fill in Form-8A for change of residence within the same Assembly Constituency.
(d) As proof of residence she can submit a copy of her marriage certificate or copy of the marriage invitation card.

Q 17.  What are the various forms useful for registration as voter/correction/change in address etc and from where these forms can be obtained?

Ans:   Forms  are available on the website of the Election Commission of India  www.eci.nic.in or respective states CEOs  websites. The various Forms useful for registration are as follows.

 For new voter fill application in Form 6 .

Overseas voters may file application in Form 6 A.

If you want a vote deleted, you can file an objection in Form 7.

For any correction in voter list or voter card fill application Form 8.

If you have changed your address within the constituency, please file your application in Form 8A.

Form can be submitted to District Election Office, Electoral Registration Officer or Booth Level Officer of your area.

Q 18 . I have lost my old EPIC Card. How can I get a new EPIC Card?

Ans. You can deposit a copy of the FIR lodged at the Police Station. You will get a new EPIC Card after deposit of Rs. 25 with ERO/AERO of your area. The dates for issuing EPIC Cards are published in leading Newspapers.

Q 19 . Who is responsible for the preparation of electoral rolls for a Parliamentary or Assembly Constituency.?

Ans. The Electoral Registration Officer (ERO). In the case of Delhi, these are the area Sub-Divisional Magistrates/Additional District Magistates. The Electoral Registration officer is responsible for the preparation of electoral rolls for an Assembly Constituency which itself is the roll for the Parliamentary Constituency in so far as that Assembly Segment is concerned.

Q. 20. How to get information about Polling stations, Electoral Rolls, Election officer’s names and contact phone numbers on maps on ECI Website.?

 Ans:  Election Commission of India (ECI) in its constant endeavour to provide information and services to citizens in a hassle free manner has started a new service on website of the Commission – www.eci.nic.in.

  Click  on ECI website a tab named “ information linked to polling station map” provided on the left –side panel.

Select the State and District / Assembly Constituency / Polling Station.

Click on “ Click Here” button.

After viewing a specific polling station pin/ a balloon on the map.

Click on the balloon/pin to view names and contact nos of CEOs, DEOs, EROs and BLOs.

A link is also provided to view electoral roll in pdf formats provided by the States.

  Q.21.  What are the grievance redressal mechanisms available to you?

Ans.   If you have any grievance in regard to electoral roll, Electors Photo Identity Card or   any other election related matter you may approach following Officers:-

Chief Electoral Officer———————At the State Level

District Election Officer——————-At the District Level

Returning Officer _________________At the Constituency Level

Assistant Returning Officer__________At Taluka/Tahsil Level

Electoral Registration Officer________ At the Constituency Level

Presiding Officer __________________ At Polling Station

Zonal Officer _____________________ For a group of Polling stations

(Detailed addresses  are available on the websites of the CEOs of respective States/UTs.)

During every election, the Commission appoints Observers who are senior civil service officers from outside the state. If you have any grievances or problems, you should approach them.


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    I join Shri Alvares in seeking clarification preferably with an example as suggested by him. May we hear in good time? NOT after the elections are over!

  2. Stan Alvares says:

    Thanks publishing this FAQ from the EC website but then it still leaves a major point to be clarified. As I observe, the following terms ‘( 1st January of the concerned year)”qualifying date means the first day of January of the year in which the electoral roll is prepared or revised.’ are pure legal jargon which vague for the public. Presently social and political activists in Mumbai are directly requesting all to register claiming that anyone who is 18 years now is eligible. They claim that this is just the application year and preparation of revised rolls and eligiblity for voters age is next year. This is creating tremendous confusion. The FAQ should have thus given a practical example to explain the above terms with a rider that this is purely advice for 2013. This would make matters crystal clear and reduce the the load of visitors/explanation on the Registration office.

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