Dear All,

Please forward this mail as many as you your bit for to help the ignorant. Take a printout of this and keep it in your Vehicle’s glove compartment.

May come handy… Not knowing this may leave a big hole in your pocket.

Information you should have: If you are getting caught quite often by traffic police, then please read on.

From now onwards, the Traffic Police cannot catch a motorist just to examine the driving license or vehicle documents.

They can catch you only if you have violated any traffic laws or if you are driving drunk. Remember that when caught for traffic violation, the fine you pay must be limited to the violation. In other words, the police can’t bloat the bill saying that you have no insurance cover or emission certificate, etc.

Many motorists do not know this. According to the law, no policeman can slap a penalty on you just because you have no insurance or emission certificate.

If you have not purchased insurance cover for your vehicle, then the police officer must issue a notice, not impose penalty.

You must be given 15 days’ time to purchase insurance cover and one week for obtaining the emission certificate.

Days later, meet the sub-inspector at his station with the insurance cover or emission certificate, so that he will annul the charge at once.

Police can fine you only if you fail to produce these documents within the stipulated period.

If your vehicle is brand new, then you need not bother about obtaining the emission certificate for one full year.

In response to a question as to why policemen fine people instantly without giving them time to obtain insurance cover or emission certificate, said,      “Yes, it is a mistake. People must force policemen to issue notice or complain to me at least the following day.”

The best way to teach the police a lesson is by filing a written complaint with their higher officials and, a week later, using the Right to Information Act (RTI) to know the action taken against them. Remember, any question or application filed under RTI cannot be ignored and no official is bold enough to ignore the RTI Act.

Praveen Sood

(Additional Commissioner for Traffic, Mumbai)

022 – 22942276.

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0 responses to “Useful info for those who drive a vehicle”

  1. santosh says:

    i want a certified copy of the above law mentioned by ACP Traffic Praveen Sood, because every police officer argue with the driver that they can stop u for checking any time, so plz send me the certified copy where it is mentioned the law that no police men can stop u only for checking the documents. plz reply soon

  2. VISHAL JOSHI says:

    why not this type of information publish in newpaper or Paste Bills on Trafic police Booths so every body aware about this types of act and even cop hesitates for charging directly to normal public.. is it possible??????

  3. PLN SARMA says:

    Clarifications required :

    1.Whether the provisions are applicable through out India ?

    2.The relevant provisions of Motor Vehicles Act.

  4. Chetak Lalwani says:

    I tried to call the author of this article on given phone number (022 – 22942276). But message comes this number does not exist.

    I doubt on authenticity of this article and whether it is really true?

  5. Vijaya says:

    Thanks for the info. HOWEVER,
    you will not get much info through RTI except if you are lucky.

    Common answer to RTI query is “This information you requested is not available”. Or simply put in Marathi as “Mahit nahi”. This is the usual reply received.

  6. CA Ashish Bahety says:

    Thanks alot sir for this valuable info.

  7. Vikas says:

    Is this applicable through out India? Or just the state of Maharashtra?

  8. MIntoo Jha says:

    I knew that all these articles are looking well on paper but in reality case would be different.

  9. Vishal says:

    We should have area officer phone number and name to avoide any harassment by traffic police on duty.

  10. Shitij says:

    First and foremost, Mr Praveen – thanks for sharing this with us – indeed very useful.

    To the others – I simply hate this defeatist attitude that we have amongst ourselves. The reality is what we make out of it. Saying that the ‘cop’ will anyways make money out of you – is losing half the battle there and then.

    Next time a cop catches you (without your fault) and demands for money – look him straight into the eye and share the knowledge that you are equipped with now. Trust you me – he wont dare take an action against you.

    Believe in yourself. That is the first step.


  11. Manish says:

    Hi, Is this applicable for state of Maharashtra or all of India, Needs Clarification. The Telephone No mentioned by author “does not exists”

  12. Ruler says:

    This article is useful but, this must be strictly followed by the superior officers too in giving severe punishment for those who violates it. But, this is not happening. Rather than it gains more confidence to these traffic police to violate these rules and torture the civilians.

    The publicity of this article will be more good, if it can publish in news papers.
    And for violating traffic police, he should be dismissed from the service for ever.

    Couple of such examples will alert everyone.

  13. O M Kabra says:

    I agree with Mr. Arjun. But no harm in trying, somewhere we hae to start.

  14. Naveen says:

    Reference of the relevant section of the relevant statute should also be provided in the article above. The webshot of this website is no legal document to keep with oneself and use in case of any problems. Rather the relevant extract of the Statute will better equip against the police.

  15. G.K.VASHISHTHA says:

    Very useful information but some querries—
    -it is applicable ‘from now onwards’,whetherany amendment has benn made now onwards. If yes, please be mentioned.
    -Is it aplicable throughout India or in Maharashtra/Mumbai.B’cause it is released by Addl. Commissioner for Trafic, Mumbai.
    Kindly clarify.

  16. Jayesh says:

    Also let us know what should we do in case of 1) Naka Bandi and 2) In case the policeman take away the driving licience and ask to come to court to collect the same?

  17. Anil Mathews says:

    I appreciate cops like Mr. Praveen. Thanks for his words. But when it comes to reality, the time of citizen is very important.To convince our policemen with such provisions, first the standard of our policmen must be that of developed countries. There are many formalities while arresting a person. Does anyone, anywhere in India following them? Right to Information Act is a blessing, but for any simple info that can be given by a counter staff of an office, citizens are asked to go by RIA and get the info.

    I will pass on the infor to my friends any way.

  18. kedar gokhale says:

    I fully agree with Mr. Arjun. The police have so many other sections or acts in their hands which we do not know. So it is always prudent, though not lawful or ethically correct, to settle the issue at “Munshiji” level and save time and harassment.
    Further, I have received this mail from another forum also and one of my friends has done some research work and came out with findings that there is on Mr. Sood on the given number.
    So friends, act practically.

  19. Arjun says:

    Thanks for this info. But when it comes to police, they can anytime claim that we had violated any law and if we argue it can hurt their ego and bring further harassment for us. Showing this article to a cop will mean saying him that i am not giving u 50 bucks for not having insurance cover and thereby inviting a trouble when he says that okay, you were driving harsh and you abused me and you did not stop at signal so now penalty is 500 instead of 50, you pay it or leave your vehicle and collect it from court which will besides fine involve loss of working hours on working days i.e. cost much more than paying him off 50 bucks.. I know its too disappointing that i think this way and even i am not feeling happy or smart to write this, but its truth. change aint coming by such articles unless it has teeth enough sharp to impose a really scary penalty. However knowing this info was useful and i will try it of course.. Thanks for this.

  20. HIREMATH AS says:

    Very useful article.

    Thanks Mr. Praveen

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