It’s 9 am, and Amar realises he has to deposit a cheque that his previous company has given him. Not only that, he is late for an important client meeting and he has just missed the last direct bus to office. Not to mention, he intended to transfer the amount to his parents as soon as possible.

Almost all of us have faced this situation. Finances keep pouring in, yet there are times when we don’t have enough time to ensure that they reach our bank account. In a fast-paced world, we barely have enough time for ourselves, let alone take that time to go to the bank.

Banks, too have realised that customers need to find time to transfer funds or make any transaction. With ATMs, mobile banking facilities and SMS banking, Amar’s bank ensured that he had an alternative. Here’s how Amar solved his dilemma:


Amar’s dilemma been faced by all of us. The marriage of technology and banking systems was inevitable leading to a world of banking innovation and brilliance. Here’s a look at the top 3 ways in which innovative easy banking has reached out to make the world of customers better:

  1. When you drop in, drop it: Cheque Deposit Kiosks are available at all ATMs of certain banks. For instance, Kotak Bank has ensured that their ATMs and other important locations including their bank branches have the cheque deposit box. This reduces your time and your stress from waiting in long queues or taking time from traveling to the nearest branch.
  1. Check your messages: SMS Banking is not new, some efficient banks ensure that customers are notified at every step taken towards enhancing their account. Hence, most banks ensure that their customers register for SMS banking facilities whenever they can.
  1. Your bank is mobile like you:Mobile Banking or online banking is one of the most useful conveniences to change the world of banking. Not only do customers have the potential to receive updates on the recent activity taking place in the account, but also to ensure that one can transact with the convenience of the mobile banking app.

Let’s face it, no matter how much free time we have, we wouldn’t want to spend our time in the long queues in the bank. Not only is it vital to have the convenience of our bank updates within our fingertips, but it’s also important to have the convenience of transacting money online. Today, almost no one can live without their mobile phones or smartphones. Banks have the advantage of reaching to each and every customer, and ensuring that they are aware of the variety of offers from the bank. Customers need not feel that they are missing out on any important offers on their account. By tapping into a whole new world of online net banking conveniences, one can enhance their world by using mobile banking services.

(Author Bio: Anupama Sughosh is an independent finance blogger who loves writing about the rise and fall in the world of finance, banking, general industry trends and corporate sustainability. She holds a rich experience of working with corporates such as KPMG as well as institutions such as TISS, her articles share insights from the individual and the corporate perspective.)

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