In today’s rapidly changing world, it is imperative that businesses leverage on leading-edge technology to optimize their usage of resources and knowledge. Increasing the quality and visibility of business information is the key to boosting bottom lines. To manage the challenges impacting organizations, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is no longer an option, but a necessity!

ERP empowers the enterprise to gain a competitive edge in a global business environment. The NOW Generation ERP demystifies all the preconceived notions of complexity and high cost of a traditional ERP. It should serve as a company’s primary business management application right from the day you start implementation, assuring new levels of efficiency and control, while ensuring low cost of ownership and high return on investment.

Tally (India), a market leader in business software solutions introduces ‘TallyAscent’ – a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning suite. A solution that helps you visualize critical information, enhance productivity and seamlessly integrate all your business processes, helping you to stay in complete control of your businesses, irrespective of the magnitude of change or growth. Simplifying growth and fulfilling the needs of growing businesses with amazing flexibility and incredible speed, this robust suite from Tally enables a true and unified picture of critical up-to-the-minute business information.

TallyAscent helps you to adapt quickly to business changes on the fly. It follows iterative implementation enabling its usage from day one of implementation. It is very simple to use, requires minimal user training and demands least resource utilization.

TallyAscent is available in variants of TallyAscent Enterprise and TallyAscent Remote which can be deployed at the Head Offices/ Main Locations and Regional Offices/ Branches.

TallyAscent can be deployed as Client Server, Web Server, and Terminal Server.

TallyAscent has inbuilt Web and Mobility support with SMS alerts. Critical information can be accessed through WAP devices.  Behind the remarkable business agility offered by TallyAscent, is the powerful Dynamic Recursive Object Oriented Technology- DROOT TM, a breakthrough in ERP engineering,. While your business is recursive in nature, DROOT TM empowers TallyAscent into a technological marvel that allows continuous classifications and reclassifications of business data on a recursive basis.

The result of an innovative technology coupled with the power of simplicity, TallyAscent is a perfect fit for growing businesses that needs ‘business defined controls in system’ rather than ‘system defined controls in businesses.

TallyAscent. Enterprise Solutions that fit your budget, keep pace with your growth, lower ownership costs and increase return on your investment.

Simplify your business processes

TallyAscent, an enterprise management software suite from Tally Solutions, now provides enterprises end-to-end solution components for automation, integration and optimisation of business processes and workflow.Built on a robust foundation technology, TallyAscent enables greater scalability, flexibility and agility of all business processes for companies across a wide spectrum of industries.All Tally products are built using a simple philosophy – Power of Simplicity. Leading-edge technology is harnessed to offer high system availability in a disconnected environment and to deliver solutions that are simple to use, easy to implement, highly flexible and versatile.

Manage your business

With your business running on TallyAscent, you now have the power to gain complete control of all the functions and processes of your enterprise. From financial accounting to inventory management, manufacturing, sales and distribution, purchase, costing and projects management.

Integration of Business Functions

TallyAscent ERP

Functional Areas
• Dashboard
• Financials
• Inventory Management
• Payroll & HR
• Manufacturing
• Sales
• Purchase

TallyAscent ERP- DROOT Technology
• Dynamic Recursive Object Oriented ( DROOT) Technology
• Workflows and Alerts across all functional areas
• High Scalability and Flexible Deployment Architecture
• Roles, Authorizations and Security
• Multilanguage support

The Past
• Traditional ERP = Previous Generation ERP
Not Suitable for medium and large enterprises (MLE) of emerging economies, like India
• Previous Generation ERP does not cater to changing needs of MLE

The Present
• MLE’s need a ‘Now Generation ERP’ that suits to their requirements and can adapt to the continuous changes

9 Compelling Reasons to adopt to
TallyAscent – The “Now Generation” ERP
1. Self Implementable
2. Infrastructure Proof
3. LAN Licensing
4. Interoperability
5. Powerful Dashboard Reporting
6. Real-time Data Synchronization
7. World’s first Concurrent Multilingual ERP
8. OODBMS – D:ROOT Technology
9. Cost of Ownership (TCO)

#1: Self Implementable

Previous Generation ERPs
• Few months to few years
• Long and complex Implementation Process
• Few Weeks to few months to start using
• Go live on day 1
• Its just few hours to few days

Previous Generation ERPs
• Extensive Infrastructure required
• Sophisticated Back Up Systems
• Sophisticated Environment Control Systems

• Just a Desktop is enough

#3: LAN Licensing Previous Generation ERPs
• License Raj
• Application License
• User License
• DB License etc.
• Client Raj
• LAN Licensing

#4: Interoperability
Previous Generation ERPs
• Almost Impossible
• Shockingly Expensive
• Very Time Consuming
• High Vendor Dependency

• User Friendly
• Fast
• Easiest and Interoperable flexibility Platform

#5: Powerful Dashboard Reporting
Previous Generation ERPs
• Rigid Reporting Mechanism
• Flexible & Powerful Reporting System
• Complete Visibility Across Organization
• Transparency across branches
• Complete up to the minute
• Drill Down to the last detail
• Allows online information scan

#6:Real-time Data Synchronization
Previous Generation ERP
• Centralized Application & Database
• Dedicated 24×7 Connectivity
• Very High Data Load
• Connectivity Breakdown means restart synchronization from beginning

• Hub & Spoke Concept
• Occasional Connectivity
• Negligible Data Load
• Connectivity Breakdown leads to data sync starting from the point of breakdown

#7: World’s First
Concurrent Multilingual ERP

Previous Generation ERPs
• Concurrent Multilingual Concept Not Even Heard

• World’s First Concurrent Multilingual ERP
• Conduct your business in multiple languages
• Enter Data in any Indian Language
• Generate Reports in Language of your choice

#8:OODBMS – DROOT Technology
Previous Generation ERPs
• Rigid RDBMS (Relational Database Management System)
• Objects saved in broken down form/shape
• Complex Object Retrieval process
• Large Databases cause DB handling problems
• Prone to Database Corruption
• OODBMS (Object Oriented Database Management System) powered with DROOT (Dynamic Recursive Object Oriented Technology)
• Melleable
• Agile and flexible
• Objects saved in their original form/shape
• Simple and quick object retrieval process
• Capable of Handling Large DBs
• Database Corruption Proof

#9:TCO (Total Cost-of-Ownership) of
Previous Generation ERP
Many hidden facets of TCO
1. Application License – Applicable & Very High
2. User License – Applicable & Very High
3. Database License– Applicable & Very High
4. Business Study – Applicable
5. Workflow Process Study – Applicable
6. Change Analysis – Applicable
7. Change Management – Applicable
8. Application Mapping Study – Applicable
9. Application Customization – Applicable & Very High
10. User Training – Applicable
11. Technical Training – Applicable
12. ERP Consultant Charges – Applicable & Very High
13. IT Infrastructure – Applicable & Very High
14. Ongoing Infrastructure Maintenance – Applicable
15. Dedicated Connectivity – Applicable & Very High
16. Integration Costs – Applicable & Very High
17. Cost of Client Manpower Involved until Implementation & Use – Applicable
All TCO aspects resulted in very high unaffordable TCO for Medium & Large Enterprises

TCO of TallyAscent
• Many facets of TCO
1. Application License Cost – Applicable
2. User License –Not Applicable
3. Database License – Not Applicable
4. Business Study – Client Dependent / Optional
5. Workflow Process Study – Client Dependent / Optional
6. Change Analysis – Not Applicable
7. Change Management – Not Applicable
8. Application Mapping Study – Client Dependent / Optional
9. Application Customization – Client Dependent / Optional
10. User Training – Not Applicable
11. Technical Training – Negligible
12. ERP Consultant Charges – Not Applicable
13. IT Infrastructure – A Desktop
14. Ongoing Infrastructure Maintenance – Desktop Maintenance
15. Dedicated Connectivity – Not Applicable
16. Integration Costs – Not Applicable
17. Cost of Client Manpower Involved until Implementation & Use – Negligible

TallyAscent – Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Tally Ascent Unique Value Proposition
• The ‘Power of Simplicity’ will be pervasive in all our offerings, our business model, our practices and our engagement with our eco-system
• Our Product strategy assumes:
– Minimum technical learning and competency
– An obsession with ease of use and flexibility
– Business environments with poor technical infrastructure
– Low affordability
•Our product will offer all that is desired by an SMB in an Emerging market:
– The desired User experience
– The desired Functional Richness
– The lowest TCO and highest ROI

Tailored for your specific requirements

TallyAscent is designed to cater to the rapidly growing and fast changing needs of small and medium business segments in emerging economies around the world. TallyAscent adds immense value to specific vertical segments such as Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution, Public Sector, Service Providers and Construction Infrastructure.

Adapt to changeeasily and effectively

TallyAscent allows users to easily re-configure their solutions as their businesses grow and change.Amazing Simplicity: TallyAscent is one of the world’s most easy to use, complete and affordable Enterprise Solutions, providing customers with configurable enterprise solutions, which can be implemented in short time frames. To learn, configure and use TallyAscent, only basic computer knowledge is required, thereby enabling rapid implementation at the lowest cost.Amazing Affordability: TallyAscent offers amazing price performance too. It is easily one of the world’s most cost effective enterprise solutions, offering the lowest cost of ownership. A full blown TallyAscent implementation needs minimum computing resources and is easy to implement. It is user-friendly and user-programmable and can be implemented by any end user. Value-Added Support: TallyAscent is supported by an empowered Tally ecosystem, which is fully geared to provide customers world-class support. TallyAscent Partners are committed to delivering a significant return on investment and positioning your business to meet the challenges of new strategic imperatives.

Download Tally.ERP 9 from the link given below:-

(Copy and paste the above in your browser to download)

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