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An auditor has to keep himself abreast of the latest developments in the audit field by constant upgradition of his skills and knowledge through Internet, seminars, self-study and correspondence course.  The Satyam multi-crore scam is still fresh in people’s mind and investigations are in progress with the Chairman and Chief Finance Officer in jail pending investigation.

Suddenly, there seems to have been a debate on the role of auditors, internal as well as external. In future, the role of these auditors would be under the scanner. People expect them to be independent and honest and would not connive with the management to hide scams or dubious dealings under the carpet.

Role of auditor

An auditor is expected to serve as the eyes and ears of a management. A timely warning followed by corrective measures prevents a problem becoming too big or embarrassing later on to handle. That’s why an auditor has to be on his toes all the time and serve the management faithfully and that too without any personal bias or influenced by anyone, internal or external. It’s a highly responsible job and so the skills required are somewhat different from a job, which is done routinely. An auditor’s job could be interesting as well as challenging. However, there could be never a dull moment provided the auditor gives up his mindset that an auditor’s job is `routine’ and not interesting enough like a research and development job.

The interest in certification as per International Standards like ISO 9000 by companies has given rise to opportunities for the auditors whose demand is increasing day by day thanks to the ever growing global business trends that call for International recognition of systems, procedures and qualified personnel.

There are consultive firms and independent consultants who take up certification on behalf of clients who could be national or international. The global meltdown has affected job opportunities in various sectors but the demand for auditors has not changed much considering the importance this job.

An auditor besides being qualified and experienced, should be a person who:

*Has a pleasant personality

*Is unbiased

*Does not act superior

*Does not throw his / her weight around

*Is patient and listens more and talks less.

*Does not sermonise

*Has a keen nose, ear and eye for deviations and out-of-the-ordinary

*Has communication skills

*Can prepare good reports

*Is fearless and independent but not aggressive

*Takes up the job seriously and with dedication

*Is ethical and honest to the core

Auditors are needed in every business house, industry and any activity that calls for independent internal or external assessment.

Types of auditors

There are management auditors, financial auditors, quality auditors, quantity auditors, system auditors, energy auditors and so on. Qualification for an auditor depends upon which area one wants to become an auditor.

For example a prospective financial auditor should be a qualified graduate in commerce or finance or a chartered accountant. Those who intend to do systems audit might be graduate in any discipline. However, a person with an engineering background would be better suited for doing energy or process audit in an industry. Sometimes a jack-of-all- trade is preferred given the wide and varied background of that person.

Added asset

Experience of working in a business house or industry is an asset as that person would have been exposed to actual working conditions.

In general auditing is done with a written set of questions that are known to the clients too so that they are prepared themselves with set of responses. Whether a business house, factory or company is conforming to what is supposed to be doing as laid down in a manual is what should come out of an audit with suggestions for compliance.

An auditor has to keep himself abreast of the latest developments in the audit field by constant upgradition of his skills and knowledge through Internet, seminars, self-study and correspondence course. These are challenging times for auditors who could look for lucrative offers by clients.



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  1. CA. Subhash Chandra Podder says:

    Many Thanks ADMIN., for your comment . Knowledge is Power. How and where from we get knowledge books, professional journals. business journals, Various web-sites hosted free of cost , only need a dot pen and a diary the make notes of that.on a daily basis one hour in alternative dates. will get knowledge about every thing . No matter whether money comes in or not. knowledge does not mean to earn money only. A good auditors needs knowledge of various laws and applicability with the clients. we do not have any moral right to harm to my clients. Clients are to be updated by sending updates. then they realize your need one day.
    CA. Subhash Chandra Podder

  2. CA. Subhash Chandra Podder says:

    Further to my earlier comments on the subject matter mentioned at the site of TAX Guru .I once again appeal to the members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India , Please update your knowledge as per your capability to cope up the assignments you are handling. No matter try to note down the Topics hosted by you and other sites at free of cost for whose benefit ? For the member, of the member and by the members. I am a regular reader of all site as far as practicable to me at this age of mine ( 69yrs + )., I do not claim myself that I know every thing and have posses a Good Auditor . During my long association with the Institute ( 42 years ) i am gradually getting upset ted to see the quality of auditors ( Not All , but majority to me ) are become Money oriented Auditors. They does not care to see what they signed may it be Financial Statements, certificates., others on which Regularities and clients are dependent upon the auditors. There are many avenues to earn money. But the Role of an auditor does not mean to the money only. Basic thing is Job satisfaction , and what i have delivered to the client. During my whole career I have the opportunity to handled Jointly / individual y large corporate clients, Public/private sector financial institutions, etc. where I have the opportunity to serve with reputed professionals ( most of them now out of profession – Due to old age or died ) from them I learn a lot. At that time no Technology up gradation.
    We have to depend on cyclostiles , one calculator , . No mobile , internet etc. Now the thing s are more easy . Even then the Auditors are not care to read books, journals, and various sites . To me if a person can open any sites at least for 20 hours in a month he /she might get a idea how to proceeds and come to a conclusion for his assignments. Our Institute Journal and other professional journals and some business magazines they will be able to cope up with the situation. But Alas ! they do not care for that. they need money..They do not know what to called for to the clients, does not bother to get it in writing ( Management Representation Letter , audit requirements , sent it to the client before hand , things are more easy Less time , satisfaction of Job, guard himself/ her selves . But , who cares for working before hand. As they become CA. that will do. They will always tell what the Institute are doing for them ? To days Scam in all around t glove can be minimize to the lessor extend if the Auditors are Alert , and the regulators have the mechanism to caught red handed after submission of his /her reports. I must congratulate the entire TAX Guru team for their efforts to update us.
    CA. Subash Chandra Podder

  3. sSubhash Chandra Podder er says:

    I am an avid reader the articles and other information hosted in this site. I gathered lot information and could able to upgrade my knowledge inspite of my association with the ICAI. since 1970. and served my articled ship during the years from 1964-65 to 1969-1970. I am getting frustrated by the Quality of auditors now a days ( Not ALL ) .Yesterday ( 01/11/2011 ) i had an opportunity to see an audited accounts of a Private Limited Company , came to me for consultation and other work. While going through their financial statements for last three years I feel socked to see the financial statements certified by qualified auditors , does not put his membership no , date of signing of the financial statements and does not enclosed the any annexure as require to be annexed . Even the statement of accounts are not drawn on as per Schedule VI of the companies Act 1956.When I asked my prospective client whether your chartered accountant gone though your books of accounts ? He said no sir we submitted accounts to him , give him money. he simply signed his report and on the financial statements as prepared by us.This practice are continuing since last 4/5 years. This is the Quality of Few good Auditors. They does not bother to read and update their knowledge. They are running after money, just ATM. Insert the Card at automated machine , money will come automatically.
    simply get a CA membership no . ( ATM CARD ) money will poured in for him.
    CA. Subhash Chandra Podder

  4. Ramachandran G M says:

    I am a professional accountant and regular reader of your articles. Very useful and informative.

    About Auditors role, your article informs the expectation of general public.

    continue your encouraging words.



    Yours tips on how to be a good auditors have been read by me which deserves appreciation by good auditors unlike tained auditors.
    Many of us doing audit work ( job ) with out update their knowledge, they even failed to attained to the seminars/conferences/ interaction amongst their own staff even. Desired documents, require for getting information from the clients are not taken, what ever document given by the client taken as 100% correct , signed ,stamped , raise bill take the money even by cash. job done . well done dear auditor, by this way the image of our Institute (THE INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA) and the member of ca parivar are gradually tarnishing.our institute and also yours site are keeping us updated, no matter whether i open the site of this date , can open it on other day. see what you intend to say. it is not of your own creation , the facts and legal – various authority( s) are being compiled by you, and delivered to us at no cost. we the reputed chatered accountants have no time to see these. even they do not have any time to at least the ca. journal. news letters , business papers.They are interested for money, accumulate money, sleep on money, die on money.I REPEAT YOURS EFFORTS IS HIGHLY APPRECIABLE BY EVERY BODY WHETHER HE/SHE IS A CA OR NOT. YESTERDAY ONE NON CA STAFF WORKING WITH ME HAPPENS TO SEE YOUR TAX GURU – LEGAL UPDATES AND MAKE HIM UNDERSTAND THE IMPACT OF THIS UPDATES , HE APPRECIATES AND ENCOURAGED A LOT ,LOT LOT.

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