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Shaifaly GirdharwalSearching a job is a science and art in itself. One of the basic ingredients for our professional success, amazingly no university degree or course ever teaches you how to search a job. Do I really need to learn how to search a job; I mean what is there to learn? Just create your profile on a recruiter’s website and search your favourite job and click apply and they will call you. In reality you will click on so many “Apply” and there will be no “Reply” on you applies and this will frustrate you. No recruiter or HR is forced to tell you why they have not considered your application, you were not 100% for them for sure but where did you stand from 0-99 you never know, they will never tell you. So between job seekers and recruiters there is a big dark communication gap.

Recruiters don’t know why they are not getting the desirable candidate although they daily read in newspaper that millions of unemployed people are in country but they wonder to see that they are unable to find even a single one. Why this happen? Communication gap in terms of demand and supply filters is responsible for that.

Let me clear, as a job seeker I don’t know if I want a job ‘A’ as per my prescription what I need to do, on the other hand for an employer that same prescription is ‘B’. He keep finding ‘A’ and recruiter keep searching ‘B’. They never met and those results in two bad hiring. No one of them will be satisfy, neither the job seeker nor the recruiter. Some of the following may help you

Key Words: So while searching a job most important thing to take care is feed your CV with proper key words. Like the industry, software you have worked, experience with bifurcation of industry and profile.

Remove lies and boasting: Try not to tell a lie in your CV, there are other sources to confirm and many a time you may get out of the list for your lie although otherwise you may have got the job. Honesty has its own power and grace.

Don’t copy resume: ninety present of job seekers do it and only few of them are good at copy paste, rest don’t even know how to edit and make someone other’s resume, their own. Try to give your personal touch to your resume. Take it as a serious task and give some efforts on it.

On the other hand recruiters are also needed to change their mind-set. Many of the employers don’t know the exact JD for a particular profile and so many times even they lie about their number of clients and number of employees. For recruiters it is advisable to mention all terms and conditions of employment in advance.

(Author Shaifaly Girdharwal is a Cross border business set up and process outsourcing Consultant)

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  1. shaifaly says:

    Welcome all….thanks for appreciation…being a member of CA fraternity…I feel proud to see your support…I know If CA’s are loving it…I really worth appreciation…..can connect with me on linkedin or facebook….my ID is……my whatsapp number is 9953077844

  2. CA SUNIL KUMAR says:

    Dear Shaifaly Girdharwal,

    A very well written doc for common mistake everyone does while drafting CV.
    Great Job.


    CA Sunil Kumar

  3. CA SUNIL KUMAR says:

    Dear Shaifaly Girdharwal,

    A very well written do for common mistake everyone does while drafting CV.

    Great Job.


    CA Sunil Kumar

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