Bank branch Audit is one of the more important assignments carried out by the Small & Medium Practicing Firms. The focus is on delivery of quality audit amidst time constraints. This poses a challenge for the Practicing unit – to be updated on the various circulars pronounced by RBI, adapt to technological changes in the Banks, train the team and maintain documentation as required under SAP, amongst others.
Committee for Capacity Building of CA Firms & Small and Medium Practitioners jointly with Professional Development Committee have taken an initiative to equip members abreast with regulative norms in order to deliver quality audits and bearing this objective, have come out with a very useful compilation as Reference Material on Bank Branch Audit 2010.

A soft copy of the compilation is being fosted on ICAI`s website with link to access the contents of the book and download the entire text or particular page. To view and down load please click on the link given below:-

Direct Link ICAI- Download Reference Material on Bank Branch Audit (2009-2010)

Link TaxGuru:- Download Reference Material on Bank Branch Audit (2009-2010)

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