The allocation under passenger amenities in this year’s Railway Budget has been raised to Rs. 1102 crore. The allocation under this head in 2011-12 was Rs. 762 crore. Some of the important passenger and other user friendly measures introduced or being proposed during 2012-13 are:

i. To facilitate easy movement of passengers, installation of 321 escalators at important stations of which 50 will be commissioned during 2012-13;

ii. SMS on passenger mobile phone in case of e-ticket along with an ID proof to be accepted as proof of valid reservation;

iii. To meet the needs of changing times and customer demand, launching of “Book-a-meal” scheme to provide multiple choice of meals, like low cost meal, diabetic meal etc. through SMS or email;

iv. To set up AC Executive lounges at important stations to provide value added services at a charge, offering facilities such as wifi internet, buffet services, wash and change, concierge services for pre-departure and post-arrival assistance to passengers;

v. Expansion of housekeeping schemes for trains such as Clean Train Station, On Board Housekeeping Services for cleaning en route and mechanized cleaning at originating/terminating stations;

vi. Introduction of ‘Rail Bandhu’ on-board magazine on Rajdhanis, Shatabdis and Duronto Trains;

vii. Introduction of coin/currency operated ticket vending machines as a pilot project;

viii. Introduction of alternate Train accommodation System (ATAS) as a pilot project to accommodate waitlisted passenger on alternate trains;

ix. Introduction of first model rake with world class interiors;

x. Upgradation of 929 stations as Adarsh Stations including 84 stations proposed in 2012-13;

xi. Construction of Multi-functional Complexes at 24 locations completed;

xii. Sale of PRS tickets (reserved tickets) through 151 post offices and

xiii. Implementation of electronic transmission of Railway Receipts for freight traffic direct to the customers.

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