PTRC-PTEC Registration  

1. What is Professional Tax?

Professional tax is a state level tax which is imposed on income earned by way of profession, trade, calling or employment. The tax is based on slabs depending upon income of individual who may be self-employed or working as employee of an entity. At present the maximum tax that can be imposed is restricted to is Rs. 2500/-.

2. Applicability of PTEC and PTRC:

  • Applicability of PTEC: Every person who is engaged in any profession (business or service) excluding that of Partnership firm or HUF is liable to pay a profession tax of Rs. 2,500/- p.a. with the government every year after the incorporation or commencement of business. (LLP and All Companies are covered)
  • Applicability of PTRC: This certificate is to be obtain by every person who is liable to deduct profession tax of any employee whose monthly salary is above Rs. 7,500/- in Maharashtra

3. What is Enrolment certificate and what is Registration certificate?

Every employer in specific states is required to deduct taxes from salary when paid to one or more employees when payment made exceeds Rs 5000(this limit is for Maharashtra) and deposit with state government. That entity is required to obtain registration certificate. When person is employed in profession by two or more employers and is getting salary/wages exceeding Rs. 5000 but employer is not deducting professional tax then the individual needs to get enrolment certificate from authority.

4. What are the Required Documents? 

  • Address proof of establishment (Any utility bill and NOC from the owner if the establishment is rented)
  • Address proof of partners, proprietor or directors as applicable
  • PAN of partners, proprietors and directors as applicable
  • Photo of partners, proprietors and directors as applicable
  • Scanned copy of Signature of partners, proprietors and directors as applicable
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • Salary details of employees
  • Financial statements of the establishment
  • Certificate of incorporation and address proof in case of company

The Certificate of PTEC or PTRC is to be applied by a person within Thirty days from the date he is liable to pay Professional tax.

 5. Registration process for PTEC and PTRC:

 STEP 1: Creation of Temporary Profile

STEP 2: Change Password of Temporary Profile

STEP 3: Navigating & Completing the Registration Tab

STEP 4: Enter Address, Place of Business and Bank Details

STEP 5: Tick the Declaration & Upload documents

STEP 6: Preview & Download

STEP 7: Submit Completed Application form

STEP 8: After Reviewing the application there can be grant of Registration Certificate or Rejection of the Application.


Note: This working is as per our research and it cannot be considered as complete data. It is as per our knowledge. There can be modification in the contents of this working from time to time as and when required.

Prepared By : Ramya C Nathan | (Research intern at UFAS)

Approved By: Reetika Siddharth Upadhyay | (Founder UFAS)

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