From the time we are born, we are taught to be masters of our destiny but somewhere in the hustle and bustle of our daily life, we forget this readily. Sometimes things just don’t go our way and we fall prey to circumstances. The human spirit though is extremely resilient and most often than not we fight back – whether we lose or win is not the point but to fight back is what matters. That being said, there is nothing to worry, a little planning is all that is necessary to take control of our destiny.

While we should learn to enjoy life to the fullest and live fearlessly, we cannot predict those unpleasant events in our life. These are the times when that little bit of planning comes in handy. Planning and investing beforehand, ensures that your loved ones are able to pull through any and all eventualities that might come their way.

Imagine if you were this man, the only earning member of the family. You went to a doctor for a regular check-up and found out that you were suffering from Coronary Artery Disease and immediately require a bypass surgery. Well, a bypass surgery requires a lot of money? What are you going to do now?

Another such instance would be, you driving your car happily on a highway and suddenly a truck comes and hits you from behind. God forbid such an instance but it is not in our hands is it? Yours and the life of your loved ones can change in an instance.

Well let’s think about another scenario, there is a gas leak at your home but you don’t realize and suddenly that gas leak decides to turn to a huge flame.

These are accidents and we have no control over them.

Just recently, I came across the video above that had been created for the purpose of buying insurance products and let me tell you, it does a great job. It highlights the challenges, when the only earning member of a family falls prey to a deadly disease. In this case it is this Personal Assistant, who is being visited by his employer. He has had a bypass surgery and while he is still recuperating, is trying his best to help his employer to whatever extent possible. When the employer finds out that the Personal Assistant might not be able to work again, the employer offers his son, a job, to ease the financial pressure. The father proudly says that his son is going to England to pursue his MBA degree on which the employer congratulates his son.   The message is loud and clear – secure yours and the future of your loved ones so that you don’t have to bow in front of anyone, during any crisis.

Getting insured is one of the most important decisions that one has to take in life. Financial security reduces the risk factor associated with unwanted eventualities and provides you with peace of mind. That being said, getting insured is a decision that you will never regret. #KhudKoKarBuland

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One response to “Come what may … Be Prepared, Be Fearless”

  1. Apurva Shetty says:

    Very inspiring story Ma’am. Truly it is essential to prepare for the worse no matter how good the future looks. Better Safe than Sorry!

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