The Interpol’s General Secretariat Headquarters based at Lyon (France) has issued a clarification on an article “Interpol on the hunt for two Maldivians involved in planning Cricket World Cup Attack” published in the newspaper “Haveeru” on 26th March, 2011 in the Maldives which contains serious inaccuracies. The Interpol denied this news and required a correction from the newspaper.

The article further states that an official speaking from INTERPOL headquarters in Lyon stated that INTERPOL had “received reliable information on four Pakistanis, two Maldivians and an Afghan, who are believed to have details of the plan to attack a world cup venue”. In fact, no official from INTERPOL headquarters has provided “Haveeru” with any such information since INTERPOL headquarters has received no such information.

In its Press Release, it was stated that the INTERPOL’s General Secretariat headquarters and its Major Event Support Teams (IMESTs) deployed to the host countries for the 2011 Cricket World Cup (Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka) continue to work with all of INTERPOL’s 188 members countries to help ensure that the 2011 Cricket World Cup remains safe and secure for participants, officials and spectators.

INTERPOL has contacted the newspaper ‘Haveeru’ and asked that the article be corrected accordingly.

Sourcs :- CBI Press Release,
New Delhi , 31-03-2011

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