Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar Monday presented a populist budget by slashing petrol prices by Rs 11, announcing Rs 1,000 allowance for housewives, proposing to stabilise domestic gas cylinder prices, and setting target of 15 per cent GDP growth for the next fiscal. Parrikar, who holds finance portfolio, said that VAT on petrol would be almost abolished. There would a VAT at 0.1 per cent, just to keep a sale record. This, Parrikar said, would cut petrol prices by almost Rs 11 per litre. Current price of petrol in Goa is Rs 65 per litre.

The Chief Minister also proposed that housewives from the families with annual income less than 3 lakh would be given ‘renumeration’ of Rs 1,000 per month.

Domestic gas cylinder prices, as of March 16, 2012 (when Union Budget was presented) would be frozen for the next five years. “Union budget has created a fear of further spiralling of the prices of domestic cylinders. The endeavour of my government is to ensure that people living in Goa should be spared this inflation,” Parrikar said.

In Our opinion this is a very bold step by Goa Chief minister who surely deserves some pat on his back. Lets see if other states follows him or not.

Source- PTI News

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  1. Isher Kumar Arora says:

    If all the States, reduce or abolish VAT on Petrol, rates of items used in daily life, will come down. There will be no price rise. Other States Govt.  should follow the example set up by Goa Government, if they want to give relief to their people. 


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