We are growing in a technology-enriched environment, thus our lives have become greatly dependent on laptops and smart phones. Daniel Goleman observed it right, “Technology is not just becoming a part of our daily lives – it’s becoming a part of each and every one of us.” Advancement has expanded our universe and today we can connect and access information at light speed from any corner of the world.

To make trading easy and convenient for the ultramodern generation, Edelweiss launched their app ‘EMT 3.0’. Now you can invest in securities via this platform from anywhere and everywhere. The available features are easy to use and the user can obtain a market overview in a single glance. Not just this, the app constantly helps you stay updated about the prevailing trends in the market with a dedicated news section and real time updates.

‘EMT 3.0’ has to offer the following benefits.

  1. Well-suited for first time investors: The process of opening an account becomes quicker and easier than ever, with a ‘DIY’ guide and the central KRA system easing out the burden of entering data.
  2. Open a trading account instantly: It took 2 days to open a trading account previously, but now, using EMT 3.0, the process can be completed within 60 minutes, and investors can start investing in the ‘Next Big Thing’ without any time-lags or delay.
  3. Regular and real time updates: A one-touch and one-screen approach helps users stay updated with the market in real time.
  4. Live stream charting with 23 Technical Indicators: The app is only one of its kind to offer live stream charting using 23 Technical Indicators.
  5. Dedicated news sections: The app features a dedicated news section for commodities, international and economic news as well as Macro economic data for brokers.
  6. User’s dashboard: Users can review their account status at a glance and obtain a market overview on the user dashboard. In other words, the app allows them to gauge the market at a single glance.
  7. Trade within 3 steps’ feature: This unique feature eases trading. User can start trading by just pressing ‘T’, adding the desired quantity, and clicking ‘Trade’.
  8. Easy access to most-used core information: The app ensures easy access to core information, such as Market Information, Stock Search, Trade and Watch List, which is frequently used by traders, across all screens.
  9. User-friendly interface: The app boasts a comfortable, easy-to-use and interactive interface, and offers features like one-step login, segregated trading and non- trading sections, and advanced sorting and filtering options.
  10. Dynamic, Pre-defined and Free Watch List: It is one of the two apps that provide free watch-list for all users; with capability of including all asset classes. It is also the only app to give terminal like watch-list on Mobile which allows users to sort, add, delete additional fields and arrange scrips in the watch-list.
  11. Simplify Search: The app makes it easier to locate last traded and recently searched securities. It also allows for access to future and option contracts right from the stock screen.

So, now make the best trades using EMT 3.0. Dream big, set goals and take an action with ease.

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