prpri Don’t know which Mutual Funds to invest in? Listen to experts Don’t know which Mutual Funds to invest in? Listen to experts

In an era plagued by an erratic financial climate, mutual funds have arrived as a breath of fresh air. Not only does it offer higher monetary returns but also provide people with an opportunity to own a diversified and a professionally managed basket of securities at a reasonably low cost. This is why mutual funds are considered to be one of the most viable investment options in the market today.

In fact, the road ahead will be carved out with the help of online platforms like Orowealth. has pioneered the zero commission investing in India. Currently, they are the only direct mutual funds platform that offers both automated and expert personalized advisory.

Invest in Direct Plans of mutual funds and not Regular plans

All mutual funds currently available offer two kinds of investment plans – Direct and Regular. Many people involuntarily invest in the regular one because they are mostly unaware of the distinction between the two. Also, in most cases, they are completely oblivious about the benefits associated with a direct plan.

Direct plans have a lesser expense ratio, which helps them generate better returns compared to the regular plans. Direct mutual funds do not charge you hidden fees or commissions, which otherwise is paid to your agents or brokers in regular plans.

Most people are confused about investments

However, there is a problem common across the all types of investors. How to choose a right mutual fund? Currently, we are at a brink of a mutual fund revolution. More and more investors now want to invest in mutual fund. Majority of these investors are new and tech-savvy people who want to transact online for a better turnaround time. But as mentioned earlier, most of them are unsure about which mutual fund to choose or how to pick a fund that suits them the best.

Choose an investment platform that gives sound advice

There are numerous online platforms available for investing in mutual funds online. However, it is imperative that you should select a platform like that provides advisory . Platforms with financial advisory help you choose the funds that will lead you towards your financial objectives and assist you in generating optimum returns.

Let’s look at the three reasons why you should invest in direct Mutual Funds through a platform that provides advisory:

1. No Bias:

One of the main reasons for the flourishing of direct mutual fund platforms is that these plans are totally unbiased. In the past, there have been a lot of mis-selling of mutual fund schemes to the investors. Agents and brokers tend to sell plans with high commissions rather than the ones more aligned with the financial objective of the investor. However, there is no such case in direct mutual funds. These plans charge no commission and thus, there is no question of any kind of bias.

2. Generating Better Returns:

We all know that Direct plans generate higher returns. However, at times, we need a help of an advisor to guide us through the tough times or fluctuations in the market. Orowealth platform seeks to help investors to take complete control of their finances. Once you sign up with Orowealth, they offer you a choice of a dedicated financial advisor who will be available at the time of your need. These financial advisors will help you select funds that will not only generate better returns, but also make sure that you are always aligned to your primary financial objectives.

3. A complete portfolio management solution:

We live in an ever-growing world, where finding a one-stop solution for our financial needs is a rarity. However, Orowealth is the one platform that can help you in this. The platform offers financial advisory as well as help you create portfolios that are tailor-made according to your need. You can opt for a dedicated financial advisor who will take care of your portfolio and will also customize it according to your need.

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Orowealth’s flagship OroAssist™ technology provides you custom-made portfolios depending on your risk profile and financial objectives. OroAssist™ constantly scan your portfolio and lets you know in an instant if there are some things that need your attention.

In an era where people are constantly on the run, it’s difficult to give time to in-depth research and then decide which investment route to choose. Choosing a platform like would mean choosing a friendly expert guide in your entire investment journey.

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