Delhi and Mumbai are so 2009. The millionaires of Aurangabad want to be recognized for what they are – with the help of 115 Mercedes cars.  A group of the city’s industrialists have come together to give Mercedes its largest-ever collective order: 115 cars booked on the same day, to be delivered on the same day.

“We wanted to showcase Aurangabad as a city of buyers, also attract attention to Aurangabad to show the potential of our city,” says Sachin Mule, a builder who’s a part of the new Benz club. Mercedes won’t comment on the details of the order.  But the cars bought range from the basic C-class that costs 25 lakhs to the top-end S-class which costs 95 lakhs.

Fortune or Forbes lists may not accommodate them just yet, but Aurangabad’s richest have big plans for October 10 – when they’ll get their swanky new wheels.  The details, in true big-boss style, are being worked out by managers who will not be inching their way towards a Mercedes of their own.

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