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As we all celebrate the festival of Diwali next week, we see hectic business activities and preparations all around – host of business exhibitions; sale of what not; decked up markets, shops, showrooms, hotels etc; investments in durables, metal, stocks, vehicles, appliances and tons of shopping at personal level. Each one has an agenda for shopping- be it businessmen, industrialist, investors, children or even house makers. And that makes Diwali a unique Indian festival which is celebrated both at macro and micro level. Everything and everybody is over charged with enthusiasm, fun and zeal.

Diwali means business. Diwali means investments. Diwali means money. That’s the connotation of Diwali in today’s time. It also means rituals and religious sentiments but which have also now imbibed commercial angle in it. It has become the show business or reflecting and show casing what you can afford.

Diwali is one festival which seeks invocation of goddess lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and this is done by each individual who celebrates Diwali. Lakshmi or wealth even come to those who don’t worship but pursue the means to achieve it.

To make this festival more joyful and objective, why not celebrate it differently by participating in celebrations of others who cannot celebrate the Diwali as we do. That perhaps may give more joy and solace. Spending a few bugs less this Diwali on self and lighting up the Diwali festival for those in need may bring more light and sparkle in somebody else’s life and ours as well.

Gift a pair of new shoes or new dress to someone nearby your house or school, to bring smile on their faces. Buy some one few crackers or a pack of sweets to be a reason of their happiness or celebrations.

On the other hand, avoid wasteful spends on extravagant expenditure on luxuries, food & sweets, fireworks etc. and it may be saving to you which may be used for more objective and purposeful spends or just saved for rainy days.

May be our small efforts brings happiness and cheers to many people whom we may not know but it would certainly add to happiness on a larger canvas. That may perhaps be a desirable way of celebrating Diwali, differently of course.

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  1. Bishal koirala says:

    DR. Ji
    everything has justification in itself. As festival do have. Current cash flow is necessary within open market. If every people start investing in long term. Then imbalance between poor and rich will go on increasing. Which has adverse effect in such country like India. Even today around 90 % people survive their life by selling goods in retail market….and Such festival plays the most role …to generate maximum cash for their living …thanks to such culture….
    And due respect for ur voice…
    Thank you
    happy diwali…

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