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When you’re trading binary options, the majority of the platforms present you with two key trading decisions. They are the call-and-put options. The idea is to choose a call option if you believe that the price of the asset you’re trading will increase. In contrast, put options are selected when the financial instrument’s price is billed to decrease.

Determining which direction the price of an asset in the market will go depends on some trading methods, which will be discussed in this article. Nevertheless, before trading, you’ll need to decide on a platform from which you’ll make trades in the region of India you reside. The biggest test for Indian traders is choosing the right broker to place in their funds.

Choosing the right trading platform can make or break your trading experience. This is the case for new traders who need a wide range of trading options to test out in the market. Different brokers offer various trading methods, potential returns, and restrictions.

As a new binary options trader, you’re not required to overthink trading methods. The first and foremost thing on your mind should be choosing a good platform that offers increased potential returns on your trade. If the trading platform offers promotions and bonuses, it should be considered a plus.

Trading Clues to Note as a Newbie

Just like starting in any other field, there are tips that new traders need to learn so that the probability of winning becomes higher. Following these hints will allow you to have a better trading experience.

When you’re used to the basics of binary trading, you’ll be able to develop and create binary options strategies on your own. Here are the top trading tips you need to know as a new trader without further ado:

● Learn to Trade with Zero Emotions

You may have seen memes and images on the internet depicting that nothing can hurt online traders. To become a successful trader, you need to take the emotional factor out of your trades.

Before making a trade, you need to assess why you’re making that decision. If your choice is made because of a ‘strong feeling’ or believes the market will go your way, please abandon that decision.

Binary options trading is very different from gambling. While it is true that probabilities determine which direction the price of an asset will go, a proper trading analysis will take you a long way. A significant portion of the traders that abandon binary options do so because they make trades based solely on feelings.

Consistently losing trades will frustrate you, which will lead to anger. If you’re at this stage, leave trading for a while and repurpose your strategy to include trading with zero emotions.

● Create the Mindset of Being a Trader

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll meet with any successful trader; ask if the person sees themself as a trader, and you’ll get a ‘no’ as a reply. When you think of yourself as a trader, you’d be willing to go farther and take more chances in the field.

Good long-term traders consider different trading options and stick with them, depending on the best fit for them. Trades can be classified into short, medium, and long-term trades.

Short-term trades are those that never pass a maximum of two minutes. Short-term traders like to view their profits quickly instead of waiting for long periods. Medium-term trades usually don’t go past 15 minutes. Long-term trades can take as long as one day to expiration.

Seeing yourself as a trader allows you to choose one out of these three options. Risk-takers typically go with short-term trades. These types of traders hate slow-moving markets and go with assets that are experiencing quick price changes.

Medium-term traders are typically those that want to take trading past fun and get into the profession. They take several trades during the day but still observe risk management.

Long-term traders like to simply analyze the market at a particular time of the day, go ahead with other activities, and check if the trade was successful at the end of the day. They’re usually risk-averse and like the idea of consistent returns.

Tips on binary trading

Depending on what you feel comfortable with, you can choose any of these options:

● Keep Losses to a Bare Minimum with risk management

Risk management in trading is different from risk analysis in the insurance industry. To understand it better, you need to get familiar with the reality of trading. The truth is that even good traders make bad decisions sometimes. It is very unlikely that you’ll find a trader, even a successful one, with zero losses in their career.

When these losses occur, you need to be able to deal with them by not making poorer decisions. This typically results in traders blowing their accounts and giving up on binary options trading.

A simple representation of risk management is the proverb, don’t place all your eggs in one basket. Always limit your trades to a certain percentage of your account size. For instance, if your account size is $1000, trade only $200 on a single trade.

If you know you’re not emotionally equipped to handle losses, then immediately you experience one, take a break. Risk management is designed to ensure that you still have money left over to rebuild even after you take several losses.

Binary Options Trading Tips for New Traders

● Diversify your Trading Options

Risk management also entails using various working trading strategies and trading across different assets. This way, your risk will be spread in a better way. If one financial security fails, the others you chose will offset that loss, to bring you an aggregated profit.


Binary options trading can get confusing for new users, especially when there are tons of things to learn. The first step every newbie trader should take is researching the best binary options brokers.

The next major step for new traders is to imbibe the mindset of a trader, trade with zero emotions, implement risk management, and diversify trading options.


Disclaimer: We would like to bring it to the notice of Our readers from India and Indian Residents that Unlike many other countries, binary trading may not be legal in India. There is no clarity on legality of binary trading in India and readers are requested to Consult the Legal experts before initiating any Binary Trade. Trading on binary options or futures requires careful consideration of your trading objectives, experience and risk appetite. Binary options trading is associated with high level of risk and every user must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them.  The information contained in these pages is provided for reference only. It should not be treated as a substitute for specific advice concerning individual situations and professional advice.


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