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Dr. Sanjiv Agarwal

Investments and sale to consumers does pick up around Akshaya Tritiya, one of the most auspicious days in the hindi calendar to buy gold, silver , jewellery    and to make investment. ‘Akshaya’ means some thing which never diminishes. It is believed that all investments on this day appreciates. Infact, as per astrology, each moment today is auspicious.  Though Akshaya Tritiya falls on 24th April, people are celebrating and offering discounts and schemes to lure customers through out the week. People are also eager to bring wealth and prosperity to one’s door steps. Not only this, World Gold Council has offered a 6 percent off on gold coins to celebrate Akshaya Tritya and tied up with Indian posts.

Gold is considered to be the most sought after and hot investment during this time by all Indians, more so in southern parts of the country. Bullion is the most preferred investment, in whatever form. The traditional and cultural appeal of gold, combined with its strong fundamentals makes gold central to every household and it accounts for over 7 percent of household savings.

On this special occasion, National Stock Exchange will have a special trading session for gold ETFs (Gold based exchange traded funds) on 24th April after trading hours as lot of trading interest is shown in ETFs also. Also, there will be no transaction charges for trading in Gold ETFs on 24th April. Gold ETFs have shown a phenomenal growth as its traded value has risen by 880 percent in last three years. Gold ETF’s are considered safe and risk free investments and there is no need to hold gold physically.  This is preferred most by actual investors. Others go in for gold coins, jewellery and silver ware. However, silver has a lesser investment value.

When it comes to auspicious investment, the trend suggest that people do invest in real estate sector too by buying or booking properties – commercial or residential. Builders and developers too lure the investor/ customers by various type incentives and schemes. This year, investment in real estate will pick up in the wake of recent rate cut by Reserve Bank of India. It is expected that banks will reduce the home loan rates and sales will rise. This would also help the ailing real estate sector. In the present scenario, real estate investment could be considered as a better option due to lower interest rate, investment and appreciation  potential and likelihood of price hike in future due to inflationary trends.

Shares and securities is yet another investment opportunity which many people prefer. However, it is meant for those who understand the pulse of the market and have a sense for such investments, as it requires a regular vigil on investment. Some also go in for consumer durables.

So on this auspicious day now, you have all options to buy and investment whichever suits you pocket. For keen investors, there are banks and finance companies to pamper you to invest, but of course for a cost. Nevertheless, happy investing!!

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