Not to sound controversial but buying customized checks for your business can be a lot cheaper than getting it directly issued from the bank. No wonder most businesses prefer doing that. This has, in turn, led to the growth of the third-party check issuing and printing businesses.

If you are a business that has been confused about how to get into the process of ordering customized checks for your business, there are certain factors that you have to keep in mind. Checking through checkworks reviews should give you an idea about the pros and cons.

But, while you are here, there are a few essential factors that you have to keep in mind when it comes to buying customized checks for your business. We have sorted them in this article.

Quantity of the checks

How many checks would you need? This is probably the first thing that you have to ascertain before you go ahead and place the bulk order. The more customized checks you order, the lesser the price.

If you want to get a favorable price, we’d suggest ordering in more quantity. However, don’t get things twisted and confused right away because you also have to keep a check on the kind of business you are bringing in.

Depending on the requirements, especially the size and the degree of customization, you can find checks that are as low as $15 and even lower. It all comes down to what you think would be an ideal choice for your business.

7 Important Factors to Consider Before Buying Customized Checks for Your Business

Design of the checks

When it comes to issuing customized checks, it goes without saying that you’d want to focus on the design of the checks. If you want to add your business’ highlight and USP into the check, opting for a computer check is always a better option because you have full control over the final design of the check.

If you want to personalize the check, our recommendation would be for you to add your business logo, driver’s license number, and a lot more. You can even adjust the color and the background prints if need be.

At the end of the day, it all fizzles down to the vision you have and the kind of design elements that you wish to incorporate into the final design of the check.

Type of the check

Another factor that you need to cross-check before placing the order for the customized checks is the type of check you wish to order. There is a variety to choose from. For example, you have personal checks, laser checks, and corporate checks too. It all comes down to what your requirements are.

Since the options are quite diverse, our recommendation would be to discuss the choices with the service provider first. This should help you figure out the types and then decide which would be an ideal fit for your business.

It could take some time, so ensure that you have all the relevant information clarified by the service provider before you give the bulk order for the customized checks.

Check the affordability

Along with the quantity of the checks you order, you also have to check that the service provider is pricing the checks right. You don’t want to be paying an unnecessary amount of money for a little bit of customization.

Instead, you want to focus on finding a price that works for you and for the overall requirements that you have for your business and the payrolls that you generate using those checks. There are generally no “standardized” rates since each business will charge you differently.

So, the best way to fetch the best deal is by cross-checking your options. Some might offer you a lower price for the same quality of work, which is why cross-checking is crucial.

Software support is vital

The next thing you have to check is the compatibility of the computer with the finance platform or app that you are using. If the digitized checks aren’t compatible with the finance software that you are using, things are bound to get confusing.

So, our tip would be to cross-check the compatibility before you place the order. Ideally, this is where things get confusing, so one tip that we recommend you do is ensure that you ask the service provider about the compatibility and only place an order if you know it will work.

Delivery time

How long will it take the service provider to deliver the customized checks? This is a fairly common question that most people need proper answers to. So, if you are confused, we’d suggest you either read through the terms and conditions about the delivery before placing your order.

Some platforms guarantee one-day delivery and some options can take over a week or more. It all comes down to what you think would be an ideal option for you. If you are in a rush, we’d recommend you choose a service provider that will take minimum time.

Customer support

Last on the list is the post-purchase support. When you are working with financial elements, several factors can go wrong real wrong if you don’t get things in order.

So, you want to invest your money in platforms that guarantee prompt customer support. These ensure that you can sort out any last-minute complexities before things take a turn for the worse. Also, ensure that the platform you are issuing the customized checks from has multiple modes of customer support so that you can reach out to them and get things clarified as per your needs.


Getting customized checks for your business is not a foreign concept anymore. If you have been curious to get something done for your business, these are some of the factors that we will recommend you pay attention to before you finalize the order. Keep in mind that your aim with these checks is to make them as functional as the standard checks that the banks issue you.

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