4th August,2004

Notification No. 38/2004-Central Excise

G.S.R. 500(E):- In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 5A of the Central Excise Act, 1944 (1 of 1944), read with  sub-section (3) of section 111 of the   Finance (No 2) Act,  1998  ( 21 of 1998) the Central Government,  being satisfied that it is necessary in the public interest so to do, hereby exempts 5% ethanol blended petrol that is a blend ,-

a) consisting, by volume,  of 95% Motor spirit, (commonly known as petrol), on which the appropriate duties of excise have been paid and, of 5% ethanol on which the appropriate duties of excise have been paid; and

b) conforming to Bureau of Indian Standards specification 2796, from the whole of the additional duty of excise leviable thereon.

Explanation.- For the purposes of this exemption  “appropriate duties of excise” shall mean the duties of excise leviable under the First Schedule and the Second Schedule to the Central Excise Tariff Act, 1985 (5 of 1986), the additional duty of excise leviable under section 111 of  the Finance (No.2) Act, 1998 (21 of 1998), and the special additional excise duty leviable under section 147 of the Finance Act, 2002 ( 20 of 2002),  read with any relevant exemption notification for the time being in force.

 F.No. 354/62/2004-TRU

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