The Central Bureau of Investigation has arrested a Superintendent and an Inspector, both of Central Excise, Vadodara (Gujarat) in a bribery case.

            It was alleged in the complaint that the Superintendent had originally demanded a bribe Rs. 15,000/- for issue of Central Excise Registration number for the firm of the complainant which was subsequently reduced to Rs.10,000/-. The Complainant did not want to pay the bribe and lodged a complaint with CBI. A case was registered and a trap was laid. The Superintendent was caught red handed while demanding & accepting the bribe of Rs.10000/- from the Complainant at his office on 24.07.2014(Evening). When the CBI team confronted the Superintendent immediately after the acceptance of the bribe amount; his subordinate officer, an Inspector of Central Excise who had processed the application of the complainant on file, tried to escape from the office building with the relevant file. He also allegedly tore apart the relevant document containing his signature & the Superintendent’s signature and threw the torn pieces near the boundary wall of the office in an attempt to destroy the evidence. However, the Inspector was chased and caught by the CBI. The torn pieces of the relevant documents have also been recovered.

            Searches were conducted at the office and residential premises of accused. Cash amount of Rs.Three Lakhs was recovered from the residence of the  Superintendent apart from the relevant documents.

            Both the arrested accused are being produced today before the Jurisdictional Court.

            Further investigation is continuing.

CBI Press Release – New Delhi, 25.07.2014

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  1. raj says:

    It’s really good, but it should apply for all government offices. & directly suspend on the spot. & occupy all there property & min 20 years send for jail.
    Sub ka sub choothiya log hai sale.

    this is the right punishment, i think

  2. s sudarshana says:

    Modiji should see the attitude of the corrupt. Even in shut and close cases, there is ample scope to ‘manage’ to escape the Law. First thing the prosecution to do is to arrest and not to give bail and seize the property of the accused.
    As the advocates/lawyers refused to defend the Ajmal for fhis distardly acts, the legal fraternity should accept the cases from the corrupt only for deciding the quantum of punishment and not to prove a ‘wrong’ thing as right.

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