(1) Customs Circular No, 15/2013 dated 8/4/2013 allows import of two pet animals (dogs and cats only) as baggage only to persons who are transferring their residence to India after two years of continuous stay abroad subject to production of required health certificate from the country of origin and examination of the pets by the concerned Quarantine Officer in India. The circular and the proforma for health certificate may be seen in Annexure-I.

(2) DGFT Notification No. 3/2015-20 dated 25/4/2016 allows import of dogs as pets with valid pet book and relevant records/documents in the name of the importer and not for commercial purpose like breeding and other commercial activities. The notification may be seen in Annexure-II.

(3) For import of pets which are not covered by Customs Circular No. 15/2013 dated 8/4/2013, the importer may apply in form ANF-2M to DGFT. ANF-2M may be seen in Annexure-Ill. The columns 2 to 10 may be filled.

(i) ECOM reference No. and date mentioned in column 3 will apply if the form is submitted and fee is paid electronically at the Regional Authority of DGFT.

(ii) CIF means cost, insurance, freight.

(iii) ITC(HS) code for dogs and cats is 01061900.

(iv) Column 8A may be left blank.

(4) The ANF-2M is to be submitted at one of the Regional Authority of DGFT. The list of Regional Authority may be seen in Annexure-IV.

(5) The fee is to be paid at the Regional Authority. The fee is 1/1000 of the CIF value subject to a minimum of Rs. 500/-. The concerned Regional Authority may be contacted for information regarding the manner of depositing the fee.

(6) The ANF-2M is also to be submitted at DGFT Hqrs, Udyog Bhawan, H-Wing, Gate No. 2, Maulana Azad Road, New Delhi – 110001. An advance copy of the application can be sent by e-mail to import-dgft©in.

(7) The ANF-2M should be accompanied with an official health certificate from the country of origin certifying that the pet is free from clinical signs and symptoms of all infectious and contagious diseases and has been vaccinated.

(8) The applications are considered and approved in the Exim Facilitation Committee meeting held once a month and the minutes of the meeting are uploaded on DGFT The minutes can be seen at this link
http://doft.gov.in/exim/2000/committee/eximimportyear,htm ). An e-mail intimating approval of the application will be sent on the e-mail id mention in the ANF-2M. On receipt of the e-mail, the importer may contact the concerned Regional Authority for issue of import authorisation.

(9) The import authorisation is valid for 18 months.

(10) The authorisation to import pets is issued in consultation with Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries, Government of India and a minimum of one months time is required to process the case.

(11) For quarantine procedure for the pets imported into India, the ACQS at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or Chennai may be contacted.

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