The Department of Post is working on providing details of parcels received by its by its international partners or sent through it to international destinations.

“As part of mail tracking systems introduced by us, we will add details of parcels held by customs on our website.

Received by us from international partners or send by us to international destinations,” Radhika Doraiswamy, secretary, Department of Post told PTI.

India Post in partnership with International Postal System has started mail tracking system and the service in now open for general public.

DoP is strengthening its services on Internet to revive the postal department. In this endeavour, the Department in early march announced launch of e-post office.

DoP is working out ways to enhance online transactions of people in India. India Post is expected to launch pre-paid ‘White line’ smart card by May 15.


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One response to “India Post to provide details online of parcels held by custom”

  1. srinivas says:

    HI Team ,

    tracking # EH000630602SG
    Dear Sir,
    I got a parcel from Singapore to new delhi.
    I would like to check status of tracking #EH000630602SG
    I track at website and shows held at customs. Though it was delivered in India on march 3rd . It is still at customs.

    So, could you pls release my parcel?
    Or any inquiry or more information,
    Pls contact me
    Mobile: 9052376579
    parcel number :Item No: EH000630602SG

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