The Press all over the world reported  that the Customs Officers agreed to release the trophy if they were given tickets for the match. The ICC official gave them the shock of their lives and asked them to keep the trophy as there was another version of the trophy already in the stadium.

Pakistan’s Daily Mail reported, “WC Trophy impounded for tickets – Customs officers at Mumbai airport confiscated what they thought was the cricket World Cup trophy in a dispute over unpaid duty – officers were confused when they were told to keep the trophy until after the final, when the ICC would take it back to their headquarters in Dubai. They were unaware that there were two identical trophies and the other had been at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium for the last month awaiting the winning captain ”

Dubai’s Gulfnews reported, “Customs capture World Cup trophy – The World Cup trophy has been detained at Mumbai’s ChhatrapatiShivaji airport for non- payment of duty. Customs officials have admitted they detained the trophy even though it has to be handed over to the winner. But, it seems, the joy of their conquest was short lived. The International Cricket Council claim they already have the original trophy. ” reported, “The officials, who believed the trophy to be the original gold and silver prize, valued at around USD 130,000 (£80,000), demanded tickets to the World Cup final between India and Sri Lanka in order to waive the USD 50,000 (£31,000) import duty. ”

Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald mentioned, customs officers at the city’s airport even offered to waive import duty on a replica of the World Cup trophy in return for seats at the final .

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  1. Ram says:

    What a dirty and shame way of acting by customs. Narrow mindedness. When Kamasls’ Dasawatharam shows the Customs officials call in Seniors for questioning a passenger(although Kamal Hassan try to keep the customs in high esteem they show their true colour), but in this case does it not fit to sort it out? That too a world incon symbol and a Nationals pride leave alone no one knows who will win the game.

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