The Supreme Court Bar Association has set up a plan by the name of ‘The SCBA COVID-19 HELPLINE SCHEME‘ so as to give budgetary help to individuals who are confronting troubles because of the national lockdown in the wake of the Coronavirus flare-up.


The Scheme involves giving an advance of Rs. 25,000/ – without enthusiasm to a part needing help and support, and can be reimbursed by the part inside a time of two years or less.

The cash is to be dispensed by the Executive Committee inside two days of thinking about the solicitation for the advance.

The Scheme additionally looks to keep the personality of the Applicant-Member confidential beyond what many would consider possible.


1) The plan as at present will have a most extreme corpus of Rs. 25,000 which sum is being withdrawn from the sum received by the SCBA compelled of the Hon’ble SC from out of expenses granted, and which is lying in Bank as a deposit.

2) The scheme will give the greatest help of Rs 25,000/ – to the Member as Loan to be reimbursed with no interest for a long time or such shorter time as the Member concerned may jump at the chance to reimburse.

3) The Member wanting to profit under this plan should apply to the SCBA alongside a Declaration that he has no other wellspring of Income nor has he applied for comparative advantage to some other Bar Association.

4) EC or such of its Members as might be accessible will think about the solicitation, process it and dispense the sum as Loan at the earliest opportunity however not later than two days.

5) The Scheme has been affirmed by the EC through circular regulation on WhatsApp informing considering current conditions.

6) The personality of the Members looking for advantage under a similar will be kept secret quite far.

7) The necessary impression of this consumption will be made in the books of record of the SCBA.


The Executive Committee of the SCBA has additionally encouraged its Members to give towards the Scheme in order to make up for exhausting the sum from the current deposits.


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  1. sanjeevnanda says:

    Putting money in people’s pockets right now seems to be the right thing to do. A loan of 25,000 might be small to some, but to some, it might mean the difference between life and death. Given the dire state of the country, the Supreme Court and SCBA have taken apt measures in the right direction. Dispensation to the needy is the call of the hour.
    ~Sanjeev Nanda

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