All India Mobile Retailers Association

Shri Hemant Soren,
Honorable Chief Minister,
Government of Jharkhand

Subject – Livelihood issue of 5000+Mobile Retailers of Jharkhand due to Swasthya Suraksha Saptah 2021

Respected Shri Shri Hemant Soren

Greetings from AIMRA JHARKHAND (All India Mobile Retailers Association )

We really appreciate the work and measures Government of Jharkhand is taking to combat Covid-19 and safeguard the people of Jharkhand.

We are indeed very fortunate to have such great Chief Minister like you. Trust, we are more than confident that under your able leadership we will soon overcome the current pandemic situation.

Sir, we are a family of 5000 + mobile retailers in Jharkhand who arc suffering very badly since the first Swasthya Suraksha Saptah. Despite our huge losses in businesses we always kept your word and paid full payment to our staff throughout the year. We didn’t stop here. Our entire trade helped the government with our contribution in social activities like food packets, grocery kits etc. with the best possible efforts,

This virus has again put a heads-up especially in our state thereby causing a spike all-time high numbers patients.

As a result, Government of Jharkhand has announced Swasthya Suraksha Saptah 2021 in the form of BREAK THE CHAIN from 22’d April to 29th April 2021.

But we are really surprised to see that all the shops and markets are forced to closed for such a big span of 07 days which will not only cause a big setback but we are quite sure that majority of us will have to shut down the business as we won’t be able to survive with a baggage of expenses like staff salaries, shop rents, home rents, electricity bills, bank interests, EMI’s etc. Just to reiterate, this is a big reason for us to worry as our bread & butter is dependent on our business.

On 1hc contrary, Jharkhand Government hns allowed E-commerce 10 nm its operations und deliver essential as well as non-essential goods which is clearly a breach of trust with all our traders across Jharkhand. Your permission to E-commerce to deliver non-essential goods will deliberately divert our customers to Online forever which will be irrecoverable loss of allour trader community. The situation is like we arc laid as trespassers in our own state rather country.

Considering all the above ruc1s. we humble request you 10 reconsider your decision for our trade for either working limited hours in the week or alternate working days in this Swasthya Suraksha Saptah Period

Having said this, most importantly the E-commerce has to be stopped immediately from delivering non-essential goods else it will be a big injustice to the entire traders fraternity.

Post your consideration let me assure you in advance about the adherence of Covid regulation by each of our trade partner

We at AIMRA assure you the best of the support at all times.

Thanking You in anticipation!

Yours truly

Kamaljeet Singh Sachdev,
President – AIMRA

(All India Mobile Retailers Association)
Jharkhand State


Download Livelihood issue of 5000+Mobile Retailers of Jharkhand due to Swasthya Suraksha Saptah 2021


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