pri Where is the land to set up startup industries Where is the land to set up startup industries

Government is providing several schemes and support for the young entrepreneurs to set up their start up industries.

It is with a sad note that I am writing this that when it comes to land or premise in an approved industrial area or location for setting up an industry, the young entrepreneurs run from pillar to post for a piece of land in an approved industrial area to set up his/her startup industry but cannot find even one, as all the industrial plots in any industrial area in Delhi or around Delhi boarder either are given on rent by big business houses or are locked up and lying vacant by big business houses.

These big business houses buy up many industrial plots for rent purposes and rent them on high rent. Many young entrepreneurs has experienced this, then what is the benefit and significance of Government schemes and support with no industrial plots available for the young entrepreneurs for their startups.

Take a survey and see for yourself what young entrepreneurs are facing on ground reality. This is my request to all my learned friends and lawmakers to see the ground reality.

Government should bring out a law to stop this said rent business by the big business houses. When the big business house does no business of their own within two years from obtaining any industrial plot, Government should take it back and give to a needy entrepreneurs who can setup an industry and do business of their own and make Government support and benefit a reality on ground.

No big business house should be allowed to keep their industrial plot vacant and locked up for more that two years failing which Government should take it and give it to a needy entrepreneurs as said above.

Government has given an industrial plot to a business house to set up a business undertaking of their own and do business of their own and not to rent that said plot in question and one business house can only buy an industrial plot for its own use and not for rent.

It should be a strict law on ground and not on paper. Take a survey of what I am saying and you will be surprised to note the result outcome thereof in question. This is my earnest request to my learned friends to see the ground reality.

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