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CA Shaifaly GirdharwalWe all want to make a great portfolio of our savings to protect our future. Sometimes some mistakes are also there we put an investment without using our mind or we are trapped by someone selling a high commission product. Here we are not going to tell you where t0 invest but the main factors we should consider while investing including our approach while making an investment.

1) Make it a regular habit and not an isolated act: Saving and investing it for your future is as important as earning. We can do it more easily by creating a discipline for savings like start a Recurring Deposit or an SIP can be some of the examples. A fixed deduction of amount from your account will create a huge some at the end of year and a wealth at the end of your working life. If you earn good but don’t care for savings then your wealth at the end will not suffice you a comfortable after retirement life. We need to save every day, every month and every year .e.g an SIP of Rs. 5000 if invested in ICICI Value discovery from 1st April 2010 would have become Rs. 6,37,713. If you see month wise Rs. 5000 is like nothing you can easily arrange this much on monthly basis. Always remember only one thing cane tame the market and it is discipline and correct selection without a lot of greed.

2) Always take a long term point of view: While making your portfolio always has a long term point of view. One day or one week or one month is like nothing in long term. Instead of getting derived by short term emotions it is better to go for long term point of view. Even small savings with discipline will become a huge chunk over a period of time. Also long term gains on STT paid transactions attract exemption under income tax provisions. Your gains will be almost tax free if you will choose the correct product and keep it for long.

3) Diversify: One of the basic rules applies on any kind of saving is diversifying as much as you can. If you are investing don’t invest in one product even in various products choose different sellers and try to cover various sectors. Like you can invest per month in some fundamentally good stocks. Let say HDFC and ICICI from banking sector, Sun pharma and Wockhardt from Pharma, IDFC and HDIL from financial institutions. Then add some mutual funds like one from midcaps like ICICI value discovery other from Blue chips like HDFC top 200 . It is just an example on how you should diversify your investments. Apart with this you can add some real estate products like book a shop upto EMI of 10-15k per month. It will create a beautiful bouquet for you having a complete representation of various segments of investment horizon.

4) Expert advisory: We all are smart and know the basics of market. But still experts who analyse the market from various prospective can suggest something better. It is a time of globalisation where any event in US or UK or Europe can affect our economy. We have our own responsibilities and we cannot track all of them. It is better to choose an expert who keeps an eye on all events happening in our environment which may affect our investments. Also an expert will be able to provide you a list of all variety of products which you may not be aware of. It is advisable to contact an expert before planning your portfolio.

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  1. Santanu says:

    This is a useful article. I think people should avoid the last minute income tax saving investments. Every year many people invest to save tax only in bad products without knowing much about that product. This way most of the time they are trapped in a bad investment and their investment got wasted sometime. People should focus more on long term investments in good investment products only.

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