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Urja Mahesh KariaWe all go to work, make a living out of it. We are the working class. We work all day, earn what we have and repeat the same routine all over again. But, do we have to be crying and venting about it? I am not the boss. I don’t get to make the decisions. If you don’t get to be the boss, at least do your self a favor and don’t be a victim. Don’t drown in self pity. You are where you are for a reason, face it. Everyone gets a chance to grow, grab it. Your boss has also gone through each and every storm that’s out there to get where he stands, respect it.

“The only time you’re not happy, is when YOU CHOOSE TO BE SAD”. Though its hard but when you embrace the situation you are in right now, only then you’ll grow, as a person or an individual. Be grateful, as someone else is looking at you, secretly and wishing he’d be where you are.

At your work place, take nothing personally. Your boss chose someone else over you to do a particular work, that doesn’t mean he dislikes you or likes the other person more, its just because that person may be the best for that job, you can be that person too, work for it. If you’ve been made the boss, you’ll do the same things. People always choose the one who is best for that given job. We cannot deny the fact that there may be some people who always want to stick it to you, but then there are always going to be such people. Where ever you go. Everyone has someone in their life who doesn’t fancy them, even you have. So its okay. Get over it.

Hierarchy is made for a reason. It is made for the smooth and uninterrupted flow of work. Meaning, if in your office you don’t know who are supposed to report to and anyone can do any work, where would that take you all, as an organization? Zero, it takes you nowhere. Your strict boss is a blessing in disguise, as he is the one who keeps giving you those invisible pushes, which leads you to learn what you learn and get ahead in life. And the god bosses, well it goes without saying.

A victim always says, I don’t get anything, I lack this, not knowing that , “ Feeling abundance of lack, is attracting more lack into your life”. So, be kind to yourself and don’t consider yourself a victim. You can do better. Much better. Always take opportunity in learning from your superiors. However they may be, there must be one thing which they know and you don’t, get to enhance your knowledge from them, rather than cursing them.

As Aristotle said, “ For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”.

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  1. JAYENDRA says:

    Truly interesting article. It is only because of hierarchy that institutions, religions and civilizations has survived. Christianity’s hold over masses was so strong and their hierarchy too was well defined and that is the reason that their religion has spread in many continents.

    Message we can learn from author is that we need well defined hierarchy for progress and sustenance…

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