Since the beginning of the 21st century, India has witnessed positive globalization of the economy. In general, it has been noticed that the purchasing trends are being presently influenced by the worldwide quality and safety benchmarks, rather than being swayed by the rodent race or evolving crazes. When it comes to sustenance items, it can never be negated that nourishment and health safety is presently a key concern for the present aware consumer of this globalized era.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) that goes about as a facilitator and also the regulator for the sustenance business operators crosswise over India has made it compulsory for the leading e-commerce nourishment aggregators to exclude the restaurants and sustenance businesses that don’t have FSSAI Registration or FSSAI license.

Presently, 2 weeks have been granted to the e-commerce websites to delist all unlicensed and unregistered restaurants and dealers. Besides, FSSAI is wanting to lead a review of all nourishment e-commerce mediators to check their compliance levels by reviewing their FSSAI license documents and FSSAI renewal processes.

FSSAI Zomato Foodpanda Swiggy

#1. For what reason did FSSAI decide to take such action against unlicensed and unregistered restaurants?

Recently, the FSSAI had conducted a survey of 10 sustenance aggregators in India—

  • Zomato
  • Swiggy
  • UberEats
  • Foodpanda
  • Faasos
  • FoodCloud
  • Foodmingo
  • JusFood
  • Box8 and
  • LimeTray

They revealed that nearly 30-40% of restaurants listed on these stages neither had sustenance license nor had applied for FSSAI online Registration. The online stages were directed to delist every single such restaurant from its entrances.

#2. For what reason should unlicensed and unregistered restaurants be removed from the sustenance entries?

For the most part when the epicures rely on the enormous names listed above for booking a restaurant or a lodge. To much extent, if such reputed entryways tend to offer services through the unlicensed restaurants, it will mislead the customers and will affect wastage of money.

Moreover, this can even result in a serious damage to health and life on the off chance that you arrive up booking unreliable or unhealthy surroundings in a new city.

#3. What has prompted FSSAI to take such strict activity?

FSSAI had repeatedly got grumblings from the consumers regarding substandard sustenance being delivered through e-commerce entryways. As a result, the sustenance regulator had set July 31 as the deadline for these companies to remove such unreliable and unregistered dealers from their gateways.

However, now they have been 2 more weeks to implement the decision.

#4. In what manner will this decision benefit the sustenance operators?

As indicated by the FSSAI authorities, this regulatory activity is a piece of a special drive for ensuring compliance with sustenance safety rules by all nourishment operators. This will step by step bring all sustenance aggregators and nourishment operators under the ambit of FSSAI Registration which will thus compel them to take nourishment safety concerns seriously.

#5. How effective will this measure be?

There is most likely that this critical decision will enforce sustenance safety standards on all nourishment operators from a regulatory point of view.

There’s almost certainty that Regulations were meant to be preserved in files…. No wonder easily they were forgotten over time.

Be that as it may, this time it’s not at all that simple. As per a spokesperson for Swiggy, a compliance anticipate all restaurant partners of Swiggy is underway, which will ensure that there is no ridicule of standards among them.

He has added-

“We are before long to collaborate with renowned outsider agencies to introduce an emotionally supportive network and help accelerate this arrangement for them.”

#6. What are the criteria for the sustenance operators to apply for FSSAI Registration/Food License?

The criteria for applying for the FSSAI Registration certificate or the FSSAI License depend upon the turnover and the type of business activity.

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