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Introduction: The Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, under the leadership of Petroleum Minister Hardeep S Puri, introduced ETHANOL 100, a groundbreaking automotive fuel. This article delves into the significance of this innovation and its potential impact on India’s energy landscape.

Detailed Analysis: ETHANOL 100 marks a pivotal shift towards sustainable energy practices, aligning with the government’s vision of transforming the transportation sector. Minister Puri emphasized the fuel’s ability to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, reflecting the commitment to enhancing energy security and promoting environmental sustainability. The launch ceremony, attended by key officials and stakeholders, underscored the importance of this milestone in India’s journey towards cleaner mobility.

The widespread availability of ETHANOL 100 at select retail outlets signifies a significant step towards achieving the target of 20% ethanol blending by 2025-26. This initiative not only enhances energy security but also fosters rural employment and boosts farmer incomes through increased ethanol production. The seamless transition to alternative fuels underscores the government’s dedication to decarbonization and sustainable development.

Moreover, Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) have played a crucial role in promoting ethanol blending, signing long-term agreements with dedicated ethanol plants to ensure consistent supply and bolstering infrastructure to handle higher blending percentages. Secretary Jain highlighted the importance of embracing sustainable technologies and instilling confidence in manufacturers to invest in ethanol-based vehicles.

Chairman Vaidya emphasized India’s position as a pioneer in adopting ETHANOL 100 fuel, signaling a significant stride towards sustainability and clean mobility. The fuel’s lower emissions and high-octane rating make it an attractive option for various vehicles, contributing to improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Conclusion: The launch of ETHANOL 100 fuel represents a landmark moment in India’s pursuit of energy security and sustainability. Minister Puri’s vision and the collaborative efforts of stakeholders underscore the nation’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions, enhancing air quality, and promoting cleaner mobility. With ETHANOL 100 poised to become a mainstream fuel option, India is poised to lead the transition towards a greener, more sustainable future.


Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas

ETHANOL 100 fuel launched by Petroleum Minister Hardeep S Puri

Posted On: 15 MAR 2024 6:52PM by PIB Delhi

Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, Union Minister for Petroleum & Natural Gas and Housing and Urban Affairs, launched ‘ETHANOL 100, a revolutionary automotive fuel at Indian Oil Retail Outlet M/s. Irwin Road Service Station, here today. Starting from today, customers can avail ETHANOL 100 at select 183 retail outlets across five states – Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, New Delhi, and Tamil Nadu.

retail outlets across five states

Shri Pankaj Jain, Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas; Shri Shrikant Madhav Vaidya, Chairman, senior officials from MoP&NG, functional Directors of Indian Oil also participated in the launch ceremony.

Launching the path breaking fuel, Shri Hardeep Singh Puri said that the launch of ETHANOL 100 was inspired by the vision of the Prime Minister of India to transform Annadatas to Urjadatas. Calling it a revolutionary fuel, the Minister said that ETHANOL 100 fuel has the potential to transform our transportation sector and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

“It reflects the government’s commitment to reducing import dependency, conserving foreign exchange, and boosting the agriculture sector. Since the Prime Minister’s announcement on E20 (20% ethanol blended fuel) in 2023, the E20 availability has increased to 12,000 outlets in under a year, and now, with the launch of ETHANOL100 at 183 outlets of Indian Oil, we are close to achieving the target of 20% ethanol blending by 2025-26. During the last 10 years these ethanol blending initiatives have enhanced farmer incomes, increased rural employment, reduced CO2 emissions equivalent to planting 1.75 crore trees and resulted in savings of Rs 85,000 crore worth of foreign exchange” he stated.

Speaking about the strides made by the country towards realizing vision of PM to reach 20% blending of Ethanol in Petrol by 2025-26, Shri Puri, said that Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) have been at the forefront of this endeavor, introducing various blends of Ethanol with Petrol across the country. He said that OMCs have signed long term offtake agreements with 131 dedicated ethanol plants. These plants are expected to add an annual production design capacity of 745 crore litres. OMCs have also invested in increasing storage capacity and allied infrastructure for handling higher blending percentages, he added.

On the occasion, Shri Jain, Secretary MoPNG, said “The initiative underscores a significant shift towards embracing sustainable technologies, instilling confidence in manufacturers to invest in ethanol-based vehicles. The transition of high-volume vehicles to alternative fuels is a testament to our commitment. Moreover, the consistent supply of ethanol, backed by our robust ethanol industry, addresses concerns over its availability. This move also affirms our commitment to decarbonization. I extend my compliments to Indian Oil for spearheading this initiative. Their support signifies the permanence of ethanol and flex fuels in our energy landscape”.

Addressing the gathering, Shri Vaidya, Chairman, Indian Oil highlighted that India is among the few countries of the world to have ETHANOL 100 fuel. He said “This marks a significant milestone in India’s journey towards sustainability and clean mobility”.

ETHANOL 100 stands as a cleaner, greener alternative to gasoline, boasting lower emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants, thus aiding in combating climate change and enhancing air quality in our communities. With its high-octane rating, typically between 100-105, ETHANOL100 proves ideal for high-performance engines, ensuring improved efficiency and power output all while minimizing environmental impact. Moreover, ETHANOL 100’s versatility shines through, as it can be used in a wide array of vehicles, including flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) designed to run on gasoline, ethanol, or any blend of the two, showcasing its practicality and potential to become a mainstream fuel option with the right infrastructure in place.


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