A bill to raise the ceiling of gratuity for employees to Rs one million (Rs 10 lakh) from the current level of Rs 3,50,000 was introduced in the Lok Sabha on Thursday. The Payment of Gratuity (Amendment) Bill 2010, introduced by Minister of State for Labour Harish Rawat, seeks to amend the Gratuity Act to enhance the amount of gratuity payable to an employee from Rs 3,50,000 to Rs one million (Rs 10 lakh).

The legislation was brought following demands from trade unions and others to remove the ceiling or increase the maximum payable amount which was fixed in 1997. Based on these representations, the bill proposes to enhance the ceiling of gratuity.

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  1. Nitin Doshi says:

    while increase limit of Gratuity, there is unjustice to those who retired berore stipulated date.
    Is there any chances to change the date of ammendment ?

  2. A.Banerjee says:

    Can this be linked to the VI CPC recommendations to expand the scope of the purview of the Act so as to benefit, to some extent, to the past retirees also? The most kind Chairperson of the UPA may kindly advise her Govt. to be magnanimous enough to do this for the hard hit senior citizens also, who do constitute a very considerable part of the ever increasing no. in their size and, resultantly, in the no. of voters too.
    May also suggest to the only sensible leader in this country to kindly also advise her government to amend the pension rules so as to reduce the age-limit so as to entitle the retired govt. servants to have their full pension revived after 10 years instead of the present 15 years? This will go a long way to fulfill the dream of these senior citizens [mostly treated like animals/menials by the serving govt. babus (especially the CGHS doctors and staff universally in the country)and in the process humiliated and harassed and squeezed by all those in the chairs now] to live more honorably in the remaining part of the evening of their lives, not merely during the eve of elections but throughout the span of their status of senior citizenship?

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