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Amendments in Food Safety and Standards (Labelling and Display) Regulations, 2020 pertaining to provisions of Pan Masala and Bread.

The draft of the Food Safety and Standards (Labelling and Display) Amendment Regulations, 2021, was published in the official gazette vide F. No. Std/SP-08/A-1-2020/N-01 dated 06th September, 2021, inviting objections and suggestions from the persons likely to be affected thereby, before the expiry of the period of 60 days from the date on which the draft was published (08th September, 2021). Further, keeping in view the objections and suggestions received from the public, the following amendments are made in the Food Safety and Standards (Labelling and Display) Regulations, 2020, which shall come into force on 1st May, 2023:

1. Warning on Pan Masala:

The first amendment pertains to warning/ declaration to be made in the package of Pan Masala. In the existing provisions, there is a requirement to put on the following warning on the packaging:


However, no specific requirement was provided as to the sizing of the declaration and its placement. Hence, vide this amendment, it is made mandatory for manufacturers of Pan Masala, to cover 50% of front-of-pack of the label with the aforementioned warning/ declaration.

2. Labelling of various types of bread:

The second amendment pertains to labelling of various types of breads. In the existing provisions, no such requirement was present. However, vide this amendment, the manufacturers and packers of bread have to comply with the following requirements:

Sr. No.

Name of Bread Specialty Ingredient Minimum amount of Specialty ingredient as % of Flour
1 Whole Wheat Bread Whole wheat flour (Atta) Whole wheat flour should be at least 75%
2 Wheat Bread or Brown Bread Whole wheat flour (Atta) Whole wheat flour should be at least 50%
3 White bread Refined wheat flour (Maida)
4 Multigrain Bread Food grains permitted under FSS (Food Product Standards & Food Additives) Regulations, 2011 Minimum 20% should be grains other than wheat.

The Minimum amount of Specialty Ingredient in case of Multigrain Bread shall be minimum 10% in the 1st year of enforcement and thereafter it shall be 20%.

5 Specialty Bread Specialty ingredient that must be present in case a prefix is added to the term “bread” on the label:
a Milk bread Milk solids 6%
b Honey bread Honey 5%
c Cheese bread Cheese 10%
d Oatmeal bread Oats 15%
e Cracked wheat /Dhalia bread Cracked wheat /Dhalia 15%
f Bread with wheat germ Wheat germ 2%
g Egg bread Edible Whole Egg solids 1.5%
h Fruit bread or loaf Candied Fruit 10%
i Triticale bread Triticale flour 20%
j Rye bread Rye flour 20%
k Raisin bread Raisins 10%
l Bran bread Edible Bran 5%
m Protein enriched bread (Protein prachur bread) Edible Protein 15% Protein
n Bread such as Garlic bread, masala bread, oregano bread etc. Garlic, Oregano etc. 2%
o Bread with seeds such as flax seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds etc. Flax Seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds etc. 5%

Note: The calculation of specialty ingredient is on 100g flour basis.

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