Calculator for Depreciation under Schedule II (upto F.Y. 2020-21)

I am sharing with you an exclusive Calculator for working Depreciation on the Property, Plant & Equipment (hereinafter referred to as “PPE”) of the Companies in accordance with the Schedule – II under the Companies Act, 2013. This calculator is updated till F.Y. 2020-21. By providing some basic information about the PPE, the user will be able to get the followings

  1. Calculation of Life-time Depreciation of a particular PPE.
  2. Profit/loss on disposal (i.e. Sale/Discard) of a PPE.
  3. A complete PPE Register for the F.Y. 2019-20.

For the purpose of calculating the depreciation, the user is expected to provide the following few basic information about the PPE:

  1. Applicable method of depreciation viz-a-viz. WDV or SLM;
  2. Type and description of the PPE as per Schedule – II;
  3. Date and cost of Acquisition;
  4. Estimated Scrap Value (restricted maximum upto 5% of cost);
  5. In case where the PPE is acquired before 01.04.2014, Opening Value;
  6. Selection of number of Shifts of use of a particular PPE; and
  7. Date of disposal and sale consideration, if applicable.

Features of Depreciation Calculator under Schedule II of Companies Act , 2013:

This Depreciation Calculator is quite user-friendly and contains several remarkable features such as…

  • The use of this depreciation calculator is very simple and all requisite instructions for use are provided therein. The user should read the same first.
  • The user is required to provide only some basic information about a PPE for which the guided comments are also provided in respect of each of such editable field. The user should read the same before feeding the data.
  • This Calculator is helpful for working depreciation under both the methods viz-a-viz. SLM and WDV methods of depreciation.
  • The user can calculate the depreciation for different number of shifts i.e. single shift, double shift or triple shift as per the usage of the particular PPE.
  • In the event of disposal of PPE, this Calculator provides the details of Profit/Loss on disposal of such PPE.
  • This Calculator also provides effects on the Retained Earnings as on 01.04.2014, if any.
  • By entering only the basic information about the PPE, the user will be able to get the working of life-time depreciation of that particular PPE.
  • The user can create COPY of complete working of a particular PPE and PASTE the same to the destination file for all future references.
  • Besides above, this calculator also contained a Distinguished Feature of enabling preparation of the PPE Register (Master Data) for the F.Y. 2019-20.
  • This Calculator is updated till the Financial Year 2020-21.

I hope that this Depreciation Calculator will be very helpful to all users and it will make task quite easy while also save time & cost involved to a great extent.

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  1. caprashantkumarc says:

    Downloaded this excel sheet and the macro has completely messed up my excel. I can no longer see any dropdown menus (file, data, view etc) in my excel. 6 hours wasted trying to unsucessfully troubleshoot. Please help is you can.

    1. caprashantkumarc says:

      If anyone is facing the same problem, please go to Program Files in C:, right click on Excel.exe and run as administrator.
      CA BImal, you are an excel genius, much respect, you created a great utility.

    2. Bimal22291 says:

      Respected Shri Prashant Sir,
      The macros are compiled in such a way that all the ribbons of the present calculator as well as other excel files will become hidden on opening this utility just to give a test of a user-friendly software. However, when the present calculator is closed. the other excel functions will automatically resume. Sorry for the inconveniences but this feature has been compiled to maintain accuracy and safety…

      Thnak You So Much for your appreciation and nice compliments…

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