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1. Accounts

–         Books of Accounts (BOA) etc. to be kept by company

–         Financial statement (FS)

–         Extension of Financial year

–         Financial statement , Board’s Report etc.

–         Authority on Accounting and Auditing Standard

–         Role of Central Government

–         Filing of Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss

–         Re-opening or re-casting books of  accounts

–         Voluntary revision of financial statement or Board Report

–         Filing with ROC

2. Audit and Auditors

–         Auditors Appointment

–         Failure to appoint an Auditor

–         Intimation to Registrar of Companies (ROC)

–         Rotation of Auditors

–         Auditing standards

–         Additional Services by auditors

–         Fraud by Auditors

–         Misleading information by auditors

–         Disqualification

–         Right/Obligation

–         Internal Audit

–         Cost Audit

Download PPT on Companies Act 1956 v/s Companies Act 2013 (Accounts and Audit) (ZIP File)

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