1. The law of karma is inexorable. Therefore, be aware of the fact that the energy emanating from us in the form of thought, speech and deed should always be positive.

2. Never think or speak negatively about yourself, that puts you in disagreement with God.

3. Meditate on your God given strength and learn to encourage yourself, for much of the time nobody else will.

4. Do not compare yourself to anybody else. You are unique, one of a kind, an original. So do not settle for being a copy.

5. Focus on your potential, not your limitations. Remember, God lives in you!

6. Find what you like to do, do well, and strive to do it with excellence.

7. Have the courage to be different. Be a God pleaser, not a people pleaser.

8. Learn to handle criticism. Let it develop you instead of, discourage you.

9. Determine your own worth instead of letting others do it for you. They will short-change you!

10. Keep your shortcomings in perspective – you are still a work-in-progress.

11. Focus daily on your greatest source of confidence – the God who lives in you!

12. Instead of concentration on what you have not got focus on what you do have and appreciate that. You need to appreciate what you have got before you can focus on getting more.

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