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Everything in the present world revolves around awareness, safety and precautions. Before entering into any deal or agreement, we do the due diligence like ascertaining others’ experiences, verifying the terms and conditions, and comparing with the similar products. All this is done to ensure that our money is spent wisely and usefully. One thing that we insist before deciding to strike the deal is the guarantee provided by the vendor. However, there are ten things in our life that do not carry any guarantee at all. They are listed here.

Life: Right from the moment of birth, there is no guarantee for a person’s life to continue. Neither the aging can be reversed nor the death is avoidable. Both are certainties. The only uncertainty is when the death will happen. Science could not find answers to these mysteries.

Nature: The environment that surrounds us changes rapidly. Despite the advancements in the technologies, the climate and the natural phenomena like storm, tsunami, etc. cannot be accurately forecast. Similarly, the experts can only predict the eruption of volcano, sea invasion, and earthquake, but unable to confirm their incidence precisely.
Love and Affection: Expecting others to reciprocate the love and care showered by a person becomes a selfish act. Parents generally desire their grown-up children treat them with the same love and affection. Friends also rear such feelings and hope for mutual relationships. However, there is no guarantee for gratitude.
Medical Services: None of the doctors, surgeons and diagnostic centers will give guarantee for their products and services. To safeguard themselves, they obtain a declaration from a patient or the family members to the effect that the surgery or treatment is done with the consent of the latter. The profession tries the best, but saving the life depends on several factors like the patients’ health and reactions during and after the treatment.
Repair and restoration: A service like repair or alteration for anything does not give guarantee. The repair of footwear, maintenance service for vehicles, and renovations to the old building do not bear any guarantee. Likewise, the restructured loans of banks have no assurance of repayment.
Returns from the Stock market: Even the experts would not assure, but guide the safe ways of investment in the shares and bonds. The movement of the share prices is a puzzle influenced by several factors of selfish, personal, and business reasons.
Votes: The promises given during any elections are seldom fulfilled by those reaching the powers. Of late, the citizens have realized this fact. Some boycott the election, while some bargain for cash and gifts against their votes.
Drunkard: One that believes the deeds and words of an inebriated cannot be a prudent person. Because the drunk person loses his senses and self-consciousness due to the paralyzing effect of the substance he consumed. The state of intoxication amounts to a temporary madness. That’s why a court of law rejects the claims against the drunkard.
Insane and Insolvent people: Promises and actions of people with an unsound mind are never binding on them. Naturally, there is no guarantee for seeking compensation for any loss due to the behavior of an insane person. Similarly, the money lent to a bankrupt person or business cannot be recovered.
Recycled products: Any object made from the materials derived from the scraps and wastes will not have a long life or value for money. So, no guarantee will be provided for such products.
It’s a paradox that the human beings seek guarantees and warranties for other objects when their own existence is uncertain. One can only plan and act, but cannot assume the outcome. Some people call this undefined gap as ‘Destiny’. Some attribute this to the effect of a ‘Supernatural power’ or ‘God.’ Whatever is, one should discharge his duty honestly and live happily by sharing with others.
Mohan Thulasingam(Author Mohan Thulasingam is a Ex-Banker and can be contacted on [email protected])

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