As your good self are aware that the Council at its 280th meeting held from 7th to 9th August 9, 2008, considered the cited matter. After detailed discussion, the Council authorised CA. Vinod Jain, Chairman, CLC to finalize the Schedule VI and Saral Schedule VI for small and medium companies while appreciating the views/suggestions emerged during the Council meeting and views to be received from the Council members. In compliance, CA. Vinod Jain, Chairman, Corporate Laws Committee, while appreciating the suggestion of the Council members, had finalized both the Schedules. The finalized Schedules had been submitted to the Ministry on 27th August 2008. The NACAS at its meeting held on 20th September 2008 considered Schedule VI and Saral Schedule VI for small and medium sized companies.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has hosted the Schedule VI and Saral Schedule VI on the Ministry’s website inviting views/suggestions on the same.

The Corporate Laws Committee at its 162nd meeting held on 13th December 2008 considered the matter. After detailed discussion the Committee advised the office to send the draft Schedule VI and Saral Schedule VI for small and medium sized companies to the Chairman of the Regional Council and Branches of Regional Council for their views/suggestions on the same.

Considering the urgency involved and as decided by CA. Vinod Jain, Chairman, CLC, may I request your goodself to give your views/suggestions on both the Schedules at the earliest and latest by 31st December 2008, please. E-mail:

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