Dear Student,

As you are aware, ICAI has been providing copies of evaluated answer books to those who seek them under the ICAI Scheme/the RTI Act, 2005.

Examinees who are desirous of obtaining copies of their answer books relating to May 2019 exams and have not yet applied, may apply for the same under the RTI Act, 2005 at

Examinees who had applied for certified copies of evaluated answer books relating to May 2019 exams and have already received copies of their evaluated answer books and are having grievances regarding award of step-wise marks, in their answer books, may send a mail thru their emailed registered at to ICAI at the following email IDs of respective exam, by giving their name, exam, month and year of exam, Control/reference number of the RTI/CertifiedCopies application, Registration Number, roll number, paper number, name of the subject and details of the errors/discrepancies that they notice.

Source- Email from ICAI to CA Students

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  1. Manali says:

    Many students have not received the certified copy yet…. And if received in Oct then what the point of this certified copy…. As if student come to know that he is passed in the exam after the receiving certified copy …he doesn’t have time to prepare for another grp Becoz he is reading the grp which he is passed but Becoz of ICAI mistakes in checking he declared failed. And most importantly the exam form to apply for another grp is also expired ..and that means students 6 month is wasted due to ICAI… Need of real robust system…. Which is beneficial for STUDENTS and their CAREER…

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