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Life on Earth is enchanting and thrilling. A person should live and experience it to realize the full import of life. Life becomes colorful when varied experiences teach the tricks and tactics of it. Some see the problems alone, ignoring the potentials and opportunities hidden within them. Listed here are some of the interesting happenings around the world to appreciate the life itself.

The Marriage breaks: A woman sued the husband as he wanted to break up with her after winning $1 million in a lottery. She sought $286000 to take care and educate their eight-month-old son. In another case, an Islamic man sought divorce from wife within two months of their marriage by sending a message through the WhatsApp. The word ‘Talaq’ was simply repeated thrice in that message.
Welfare matters: A Briton father was fined with £120 by the Education department for taking his daughter on holiday during school term time. Otherwise, the girl had perfect attendance. He challenged the country’s strict policy  in the court who later overturned the penalty of the State. The father argued as ” My kids’ education is more important to me, but equally responsible for their welfare. If I thought, their studies would be affected, I wouldn’t have taken them on this tour.”  However, there was no such fine for his other daughter attending a private school.
Population issue: Some Asian nations advocate the policy of small family to contain their bulging population while many European countries indulge in motivating their citizens towards increasing the population. In Russia, women who gave birth on National Day, 12th June, could win fridges, money, and even cars. Italy also provides financial and other incentives for new mothers. In Denmark, an ad firm persuades mothers to encourage their adult children to have kids by sending them on vacations. The tagline of the ad is “Do it for Denmark, do it for mom.” A recent study by a hospital suggested that instead of consuming lots of liquids, having sex at least three to four times a week could facilitate the easy passage of kidney stones.
Death forecast: A terminally ill person, the director of a firm, posted on his LinkedIn profile to announce the dates of death next week and funeral thereafter before he ends his life at a euthanasia clinic. He was suffering from aggressive motor neuron disease, a rare condition that progressively damages parts of the nervous system, leading to muscle weakness, making it difficult to do the normal activities like walking, speaking, and even breathing. The self-declaration of him read, “Died with Eternal spirit on October 19, 2015, and funeral on November 21, 2015.”
Therefore, life is filled with pains and pleasures, ups and downs, and good and bad. Nobody gets the exception. Life is like that.

(Author is a Ex-Banker and can be contacted on [email protected])

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  1. VUM RAO says:

    Outer world is the reflection of inner world. Have courage to look inside to know what you are. Give unconditionl love to known an unknown.You will remi happy all he time. GOD will like you and fulfill all your normal and reasonable desires.

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