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The development and progress of any society depend on the systems it follows. Divergence and disparities in the conduct of the individuals tend to distract the aim of the society. However, when a set of standards and procedures is put in place, people behave in an orderly manner which in turn promotes cohesion and cohabitation. This is the essence of any rule or law intending the safety and welfare of the people. These rules are applicable to all without any discrimination or bias. Thanks to the sixth sense of reasoning for bringing up the disciplinary system.

The ancient men learned to live in groups after getting fed up with the initial life of wandering and hunting like animals. They later devised certain unwritten norms for the movement and peaceful coexistence of the groups. What we have presently is a well defined and complex set of rules and regulations to ensure the sovereignty and independence of a nation. VISA and passports fall under this category. In the absence of any rules, Humans would have turned wild, undisciplined and disorganized.

To understand the significance of the rules clearly, a few examples are presented here.

1) Road-rules not only make our drive safe, but also protect the lives of those moving along the road, pedestrians, and other vehicles.

2) Office rules provide for the discipline and conduct of the work in a congenial and systematic manner.

3) Byelaws of a Cooperative society enable its members to make transactions in a transparent and method.

4) The rules of any Regulating body prevent the unfair and unhealthy practices of marketing and competition among the countries, business firms, people.

5) Rules of a Public Transport company prevent unauthorized entry and carriage.

6) The Central bank of a country regulates the monetary and fiscal transactions from the public, banks and other financial intermediaries, and

7) UNO has an elaborate framework of rules to avoid conflicts and foster unity among the nations.

Nevertheless, the rules are subject to modifications in tune with the needs of the time also. When the culture and living styles change owing to the advancements in knowledge and technology, the obsolete laws warrant repeal or amendments. Else, the crime and mala fide acts get the upper hand.

Never try to bend the rules to suit your convenience or to favor somebody. Always respect the rules of the land wherever you are.

(Author is a Ex-Banker and can be contacted on

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