The Cosmos or Brahmand is infinite, seamless and limitless in all dimensions. Our planet earth is just like a particle of dust in the Cosmos / Brahmand. Besides, the man is a very very tiny microcosm on planet earth.

However, the whole Cosmos has got a definite purpose and it functions in accordance with self-regulatory laws. Further, all the belief systems have now converged to the view that the law of Karma operates in the Cosmos and accordingly, the belief in reincarnation or transmigration of soul is also being universally accepted now.

It is also universally accepted now that a Supreme Intelligence is regulating or controlling the affairs of the Cosmos. We may call this Intelligence by any name like God, Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Allaha, etc. The universally accepted fact now is that God is an energy. Therefore, the Intelligent and Animate energy which is regulating or controlling the affairs of the Cosmos may be accepted a God. A soul which enters the planet earth comes here with a purpose of cleansing itself from the burden of past Karmas. However, the soul after it takes birth in the form of Jiva / child, remembers its purpose till the age of 5-6 years, but thereafter, it gets totally engrossed in the worldly affairs or maya and forgets its main purpose of descent on planet earth.

It is in view of the aforesaid reasons that the saints and mystics always advise us to know our real Self, so that we may understand that our real Self is the soul and body, mind and intellect – Equipment is only a vehicle provided to the soul, for the purpose of its journey on planet earth. Therefore, the main cause of misery in the world is the ignorance about our real Self, because more than ninety nine per cent (99%) of human beings consider themselves as the body and they have absolutely no awareness about their real self, as also the purpose of life on planet earth.

It is for the purpose of freeing ourselves from the constant fears and anxieties that Prayer is advised, as a solution. Prayer is a very effective tool to free us from unnecessary fears and anxieties and also lead us towards ultimate purpose of our life on planet earth. In this regard the following aspects are very valuable and significant :

1. God / Divine Power / Supreme Intelligence is always within us, overseeing the affairs of our life and always leading us towards a happy and purposeful life.

2. God or Divine Power dawns in you when you pray for Grace or Kripa.

3. Prayer is a vital tool to improve your life. What you can do, do it. What you cannot do, pray for it. When you feel the obstacle is too much to handle, deep prayer can work miracles.

4. Whatever you do, know that a Higher Power has the final say and you can tap that power through your prayers.

5. You do not need any special form for prayer. It is just that you should be in a serene, calm and meditative state. That is why in Vedic tradition, dhayana or meditation is done before prayer, as also after prayer. When the mind is focused, prayer becomes far more powerful.

6. For prayer, do not waste your time on rituals, because prayer happens at the subtle level of feelings. Feelings transcend words and religion. The act of praying itself, has the power to bring transformation.

7. Also remember that prayer happens when you feel grateful or when you feel utterly helpless. In either case, your prayers will be answered.

When you feel helpless, prayer happens by itself, that is why in Hindu tradition, we say “Nirbal ke Bal Ram”. In other words, God is the support of the weak.

8. True prayer cannot happen without devotion or faith. Having faith is to realize God’s protection is always there for you.

9. Do not pray for petty, selfish ends. If at all you have to pray for something, pray for the happiness and well being of all the people in the world – May everybody be happy.

10. Thus, when faced with a difficult situation if life, do not get drowned in fear and anxiety, but pray to God, feel his protection and move forward towards solving the problem with complete trust and faith in God or Cosmic Intelligence.

In addition, the following aspects towards a better and happy life are also very important :

(i) Please always remember that Like attracts the Like. In other words, the electromagnetic vibrations or energy which you send out into the Cosmos in the form of thought, speech and deed will bring back everything into your life; big or small, good or bad.

In other words, if you experience negative thoughts and feelings, you emit negative energy and therefore, you attract negative events, people and things into your life. On the other hand, if you experience positive thoughts and feelings, you emit positive energy and as a result, you attract positive events, people and things into your life.

Therefore, understanding and properly applying this universal law is the key to achieving ultimate success and happiness in your life.

(ii) Never expect, but accept. Accept whatever comes your way. You have come there to win, not lose. Therefore, why do you lose your health or peace of mind over trivial issues.

(iii) To reach God, one must love Him, love all Creation and then there will be no question of insisting which path one should follow. Let each follow the path that he / she likes. Utilize each moment in loving God and his devotees and also his Creation.

(iv) The best path as Buddha declared is the middle path, neither starving, nor over eating; neither sleeping too much, nor too little; neither too much mirth, nor too much seriousness. In other words, follow the golden mean in life.

(v) Besides, though an embodied soul or the Jiva requires roti, kapda and makan, for its journey on planet earth, yet in order to achieve its purpose of life, the Jiva must be anchored in spirituality or adhyatma.

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