Shaifaly Girdharwal

Shaifaly Girdharwal

Dear Aaj Tak Team,

You did a great job by conducting a successful sting operation of some CA’s converting the black money to white. But the painful thing was the word CA used so many times in a way as if the entire CA community is engaged in this black to white transaction. Let me make it clear when you use word CA , it means every CA. You can’t accuse every CA of money laundering. I am also a CA and I challenge you to prove that even a small percentage of CA’s are engaged in this kind of transaction. I would like to condemn this approach. How one or two or ten CA’s can represent the entire CA community? We spend half of our life in studies and analysing the provisions for its proper implementation. No change in any statute can survive without our support. CA is the name of proven integrity. In September every year when other people start shopping for Diwali we spend our entire night in office to complete the filing work of our clients as per the requirement of the Law.

Two of the ministers Mr. Suresh Prabhu and Mr. Piyush Goyal belong to CA community as you can vouch their efficiency in their respective ministries. Just because one or two or may be 10-20 are engaged in conversion of black money to white you have no rights to blame our entire community. I hereby seek your apology to entire CA community. Some of your media person also takes bribe. Greed, bribe are personal choices of any person. It is utterly wrong to connect it to their caste, creed, religion and profession. It is an insult to all hard working CA’s.

No corporate can work without the guidance and support of a CA. Even when government seek compliance of their statutes they also rely on the signature.

Do you know we are the only institution having such a strict code of conduct and our respected institute ICAI itself remove the members engaged in any misconduct?

Do you know we can’t even advertise or solicit any business?

Do you know when a CA resigns from any company; other member can’t accept that assignment without asking the reason for resignation of existing member?

Chartered Accountant & CA are not only mere words for us. We wear this two letter in our names. This is the respect we earn by hard work when we are students and even when we are qualified. You have no rights to raise finger on the credibility of our community. I would like to strongly ask you to offer an apology for this and rectify your news in a way without highlighting or targeting the word Chartered Accountant or CA.

Hope you will not make this a question of ego and power. But this is your chance to set an example for sincere reporting for yourself and other news media houses.

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144 responses to “Open letter to AAJ Tak seeking apology for derogatory addressal of CA Community”

  1. VIKRAM DUTT says:

    Punish the guilty.

  2. shailesh jhamad says:

    The shame on all of us and it cannot be said that the good done by the AAJ TAK i just want to say that the profession means money and it cannot be avoided in all areas where the opportunity arrives profession gets benefits and it cannot be avoided. To get the benefit from the rules and regulations of the legislature the profession is always benefitted and it should not be argued, only the intuitions form the profeesion can stopped from such things otherwise need not to blemish IT IS SAID JO PAKDA GAYA WO CHOR BAKI SAB SAHUKAR so need not to worry.Looking at all we can say that every profession has got its speciality and working style so that the benefit of the opportunity can be taken.

  3. Yashkumar M Kava says:

    Well said. Protect the dignity and respect of profession for member as well as student base also.

  4. Yashkumar M Kava says:

    Well said. Protect dignity & respect of our profession from Member to Student.

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