Shaifaly Girdharwal

Shaifaly Girdharwal

Dear Aaj Tak Team,

You did a great job by conducting a successful sting operation of some CA’s converting the black money to white. But the painful thing was the word CA used so many times in a way as if the entire CA community is engaged in this black to white transaction. Let me make it clear when you use word CA , it means every CA. You can’t accuse every CA of money laundering. I am also a CA and I challenge you to prove that even a small percentage of CA’s are engaged in this kind of transaction. I would like to condemn this approach. How one or two or ten CA’s can represent the entire CA community? We spend half of our life in studies and analysing the provisions for its proper implementation. No change in any statute can survive without our support. CA is the name of proven integrity. In September every year when other people start shopping for Diwali we spend our entire night in office to complete the filing work of our clients as per the requirement of the Law.

Two of the ministers Mr. Suresh Prabhu and Mr. Piyush Goyal belong to CA community as you can vouch their efficiency in their respective ministries. Just because one or two or may be 10-20 are engaged in conversion of black money to white you have no rights to blame our entire community. I hereby seek your apology to entire CA community. Some of your media person also takes bribe. Greed, bribe are personal choices of any person. It is utterly wrong to connect it to their caste, creed, religion and profession. It is an insult to all hard working CA’s.

No corporate can work without the guidance and support of a CA. Even when government seek compliance of their statutes they also rely on the signature.

Do you know we are the only institution having such a strict code of conduct and our respected institute ICAI itself remove the members engaged in any misconduct?

Do you know we can’t even advertise or solicit any business?

Do you know when a CA resigns from any company; other member can’t accept that assignment without asking the reason for resignation of existing member?

Chartered Accountant & CA are not only mere words for us. We wear this two letter in our names. This is the respect we earn by hard work when we are students and even when we are qualified. You have no rights to raise finger on the credibility of our community. I would like to strongly ask you to offer an apology for this and rectify your news in a way without highlighting or targeting the word Chartered Accountant or CA.

Hope you will not make this a question of ego and power. But this is your chance to set an example for sincere reporting for yourself and other news media houses.

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Should we paint entire journalist profession with same brush?

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144 responses to “Open letter to AAJ Tak seeking apology for derogatory addressal of CA Community”

  1. VIKRAM DUTT says:

    Punish the guilty.

  2. shailesh jhamad says:

    The shame on all of us and it cannot be said that the good done by the AAJ TAK i just want to say that the profession means money and it cannot be avoided in all areas where the opportunity arrives profession gets benefits and it cannot be avoided. To get the benefit from the rules and regulations of the legislature the profession is always benefitted and it should not be argued, only the intuitions form the profeesion can stopped from such things otherwise need not to blemish IT IS SAID JO PAKDA GAYA WO CHOR BAKI SAB SAHUKAR so need not to worry.Looking at all we can say that every profession has got its speciality and working style so that the benefit of the opportunity can be taken.

  3. Yashkumar M Kava says:

    Well said. Protect the dignity and respect of profession for member as well as student base also.

  4. Yashkumar M Kava says:

    Well said. Protect dignity & respect of our profession from Member to Student.

  5. P.K.Kundu, Advocate, Tax practitioner says:

    Well said shaifaly. Actually people are being panics due to electronic media. One, two or three C.A. are not representative of C.A community in deed.

  6. shankar lal gupta says:

    Media is not wrong this time in generalising CA community. All know what a CA famous for.All…Yes all practicing and famous Ca are engaged in helping to save black money holders and that from beginning and not just now. Please close this topic to save your self.

    • Vasu says:

      Do you know an advocate knows all the truth of his client but he never tell the courr and even if he tells to court, the court will not accept it because it is there in law………we are bound with some confidentiality clause and also we are not bound to disclose the client case with any authority unless asked. And further it is the client who does tax evasion and it is the CA who tells him not to that…….CA is the one who awares people of the law….we are not known for any conversion…..first change your mindset

  7. shankar lal gupta says:

    OK. But do you not know the truth that almost all CA who have good practice are involved in it, not today but from the beginning. All CAs I know, have been engaged in helping the black money holders and not a single Ca has ever informed the authorities about such people who they come to know.
    Media generally generalise every thing and that is wrong but I thibk this time media is not wrong.. will you show the courage to publish this comment?

  8. Shrinidhi says:

    Well said Madam,

    If they are trying to generalize an anomaly to entire population of the profession, entire country knows the reason behind the ban of a well known channel was banned a few days ago.

    And some of these media shamelessly justified the act done by that channel. As these kind of media’s don’t have discipline they oppose disciplinary actions too.

    On the other hand ICAI immediately initiated the disciplinary action against such member, as being ambassador for true ‘swatch bharath’.

    Also few months ago, even Pakistan government suggested in it’s circular for its media not to follow the foot steps of Indian media which acts against its country, but to adopt a good practices among the globe.

  9. AKSHAYA SHAH says:

    In Ramayana, when King Ravana took Sita in dress of Saint, he was referred to as King who kidnapped and not Saint
    Persons engaging in anti social activities under the profession of CA should be referred to as such and never as CA

  10. Shrinidhi says:

    Very well said Madam,

    If these media tries to generalize an anamoly to entire profession, entire country knows why few days ago a news channel was banned for a day and some of these shameless media people made huge hue and cry by justifying such act.

    And few months ago a circular by Pakistani government suggested it’s media not to follow the foot steps of Indian media but to adopt best global practice.

    ICAI has initiated disciplinary action against such members immediately.

    And these kind of media don’t have discipline. So they don’t support disciplinary action by the government against any media.

  11. Riddhi Vekaria says:

    We agree with you mam.

  12. Carol Prajapati says:

    I agree with you mam..
    You have done a great job.

  13. Anesh Patil says:

    I agree with the author.

  14. Maan says:

    Aaj tak should know “ethical reporting”,you guys just can’t blame whole CA community because of 2-10 person …
    You (aajtak),should not address whole community.
    You may have reported alot of scams about doctors or government official but you did that by their name ,not by their whole community.

    If adoctor is corrupt u say this doctor is corrupt but not whole communityand their are soo many examples like this.

    You must apologize for your improper and unethical reporting by adressing to whole respected CA community.

    To all respected reporters of aajtak it’s not by ego sir/man
    Its just about making things right.

  15. Kaushik Bhalotia says:

    Seems like Ms. Shafali has done her graduation from JNU.
    Notwithstanding whatever said by Aajtak, being a Chartered Accountant we should make our credibility absolutely clear and significant not merely by our words but also by our deeds and actions. In the on going scenario it is diffucult amidst the Satyam Accounting Scandal, Sai 12 crore fraud (2013) and many other instances. Apart from if not less nearly 40% of members are in some or other manner associated with creation and maintenance of ghost/paper companies thereby using wrong means to convert large amount of black money into white for use in business in a tax free manner !!.
    To list down the cases wont end. So it is requested that instead of fighting on behalf of the institute kindly focus on your work so as to complete it at the earliest and go ahead with your diwali shopping and all such craps !!
    Let the regulation and maintenance of dignity of profeesion be the headache of the institute which has sufficient resource and technologies to deal with the same !!
    We dont want a union to repel on external enviornment in any such case of chaos. We are professionals, kindly maintain the dignity of the same!
    and the interesting part with respect and dignity is they cannot be asked for but can only be earned !!

    • Vijay says:

      Such a ridiculous, lousy and brash Kaushik. I am sure you do not belong to CA profession, may be not a professional at all. Had you been, your response would have been more weighed.

      As a CA one is more proud of the profession. PwC/Satyam – again a couple of fellows only were involved and not entire PwC.

  16. Mohit Agarwal says:

    I personally contempt the act of defaming the full “Chartered Accountant” community.
    Aaj-Tak team should apologies with CA Institute.

  17. Kedar nath choudhury says:

    We must oppose strongly to this Aaj Tak news. News channel to deal responsibly.

  18. divyesh says:

    Please use #saysryaajtak

  19. CA Ravindra Kumar says:

    It’s really incorrect to blame our CA community . All know our contribution towards economic betterment and compliance of laws of the country ………. on the part media it shows lack of integrity n facts based news rather general blaming n TRP stunt …………..they should apologies

  20. gautam baghmar I.T.P. says:

    Aaj tak cannot blame whole ca community
    I support your view shaifaly. I know ca’s who they are fully dedicated to profession

  21. Ashis M says:

    Had it been the contention of AAJ Tak is correct then do you accept the AAJ Tak financials are also misleading ?Dear Media brothers we support and encourage for such disclosure of unethical practice however attaching the entire community is very painful and distasteful approach towards the hard earned reputation of ICAI who served the nation since last more that six decades.

  22. Parrkash says:

    Media think they are bigger than indian constitution.
    When anyone question about media reporting they cry like child and remember freedam of speech
    special Aajtak. Many time I notice their are match fixing between AAP and Aajtak.
    Aajtak format about puniya parsun vajpai and arvind Kejriwal leak vedio “BAHUT KARANTKARI”

  23. CA. S.C.Podder says:

    Well said .

  24. Abraham says:

    Excellent response!
    Perhaps the wrong forum, but I’d like to draw a parallel to the atrocity met out to stray dogs in Kerala by individuals (one could argue they are indeed in large numbers); but does not give the right to hurl abuses to “all keralites” and in turn making it a branding exercise.

  25. Hari says:

    I agree with the author. Hoping ng that institute will take proper action against the accused. Dear shaifali mad’m, please don’t link diwali celebration with tax audit. We are doing our job.

  26. Hari says:

    I agree with the author. Hoping ng that institute will take proper action against the accused. Dear shaifali, please don’t link diwali celebration with tax audit. We are doing our job.

  27. KS says:

    The author seems to have no worldly experience regarding her own profession. Every investigation regarding tax evasion by IT department or for money laundering by ED has brought into light the role played by CAs in evasion of taxes and laundering of money. This is peculiar because each of such cases have been audited. Further the CAs auditing the accounts of the client even knowing that such books of accounts are cooked does not do anything about it. The number of CAs who in one form or other, directly or indirectly have helped their clients in tax evasion is very large and not in single digits as suggested by the author.

    • Jignesh says:

      Mr. KS, it is called “TAX PLANNING” and which is within ambit Tax Laws & Rules and applicable to every one…i suggest pls check the meaning of Planning & evasion

      • KS says:

        I certainly do know the difference between tax planning and evasion and how this subtle difference is used to camouflage evasion using colorable devices. Assuming that you are a CA, you would well know how many CAs are actually involved in this practice. Is it one or two or the number is in hundreds? You tell me. How bogus loans, bogus purchases are reflected in the books of accounts. . How paper based shell companies that has no business have audited books of accounts? How many shell companies are there? How do they function as a legal entity if not guided by CAs. I reiterate that not all CAs are involved in unethical practices but lots of them do. And the same goes for every profession. Thus is the way the Indian society has come to function. No instead of asking people who point fingers to apologize the CA community itself must collectively discourage these practices. This is the only way to boast confidence in the minds of normal public.

  28. manoj sharma says:

    Our prime minister sir has himself accepted the role of CAs in building New India. Presentation of AAJ TAK on our community is exceptionally unfortunate. AAJ TAK should ask for unconditional apology.

  29. Nageswara Rao G says:

    It seems that the Members involved to be limited to their personal nature no relevance to tag with entire CA paternity
    Well Said done great Job

  30. S.K.PATEL says:

    I also request you to write to The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India to take STRICT ACTION against chartered accountants which are shown in the media. Are they not guilty ? Why proceedings of Professional Misconduct should not be initiated against them? Not punishing guilty amounts to punishing honest members.
    So please write to the President and Council Members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

  31. S.K.PATEL says:

    Letter of SHAIFALY supporting the C.A. profession is welcome. But let me say that Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is working under very old Act of 1949 and 1988 rules which requires to be modified. Time has changed and according to time we must change the laws and rules. Why Institute of chartered accountants is not taking SUO MOTO action the chartered accountants which are named by the media and shown? There are chartered accountants who has been convicted for CONTEMT of COURT by Hon. High Courts and for PERJURY as well. No action is taken against them. There are chartered accountants who have shown willingness to become APPROVER in serious cases of Money Laundering. Why Institute of C.A. silent? What happen to the auditors of Jignesh Shah”s companies? The public image has considerably gone down in recent time. You can not defend someone for the sack of defending. Even ITAT of Bombay has also made adverse remarks against c.a.few years ago. C.AS and Institute of C.A. must take all the necessary steps to improve the image by removing C.AS who are found of on the other side of the law. Media may have exceeded the limit but they have expose the reality

  32. Anil H Khushalani says:

    Well said and we as a whole ca fraternity who works honestly respect to your brave and true words and appreciate for it. Congrats.

  33. MANOJ JOHRI says:

    Very Painful to see and listen the language used by the Aajtak against the Whole and even against our Institute . We all should condemn this unitedly.

  34. Suraj Sharma says:

    I saw the telecast and Aaj tak was also mentioning the name of the CA, one was Anil agarwal and another was i think Bansal, For the shake of money they are doing these things, before blaming the News channel first punish those CA’s who have been caught. Suspend their membership no so that other CA’s will think several times before doing this kind of stupidity.

  35. CA. Deepanshu Aggarwal says:

    I fully agree with the Author for the views

  36. Rajiv Chopra says:

    I reproduce Shefali’s words i.e.”Greed, bribe are personal choices of any person. It is utterly wrong to connect it to their caste, creed, religion and profession. I request AAJ TAK if they agree to this statement, they should certainly apologies. Moreover always remember when you point a finger towards other, three point to you only. Keep it up Shefali beta. Never allow anyone to touch your integrity.

  37. rahul singh says:

    mam ,
    you said correct but not only 20 ca are doing this you can say only about you are good don’t give certificate to others you already know what ca are doing nowdayas, main 20 se kada ca ko janta hoon jo ye kr rhe hai abhi baat karte hain


    I appreciate with Mr. Amit Agarwal’s reply he has said it well.

  39. CA Dilip Bandekar says:

    I fully agree with you shaifali ji…. Good work and keep it up

  40. Syed Najish Ali says:

    Media is the one of colomn of any society.
    Now a days it is very common practice of media to blame the entire community on the basis of 1 or 2 person OR 10% -20%. They Forget there is Black Sheep everywhere and every community. All fingers are not equal.

  41. Bhawanishankar Sharma says:

    Good , a sharp slap on face of media. Bravo

  42. Nitesh Maheshwari says:

    I support your point of view Shaifaly ji ! Keep up the good work.

  43. CA Navin Chandra Thakur says:

    I totally agree with Shaifaly.

  44. M M Gupta says:

    I donot remember exact date. Mr venkataraman when he was finance minister, visited chennai to address ca’s and made a statement that the people believe the chartered accountants are responsible for the ills of the society. i was very young chartered accountant and i was very angry. but now retired i feel the same is true.

  45. CA Navin Chandra Thakur says:

    I agree with Shaifaly.

  46. prem tiwari says:

    CA is not just a word it’s a pride that we hold..
    Aaj Tak should apologize..

  47. hermandu says:

    CAs are much better than lawyers and politicians and may be better than journalists as well.

  48. CA Ranjit Kumar Nayak says:

    Media has no right to blame CA community. We are proud to be in our profession. You can condemn those involve, but strongly urge you to respect our profession.

  49. Baburaj says:

    good reply.

  50. Rajesh says:

    Please dont try to act Smart.
    You All know that CA are certified to break and bend laws.
    Most Black money generated through CA.
    And All of the CA Practice the same.

  51. ABHISHEK JAIN says:

    We hope it will reach to Aaj Tak Team.

    Very well and truly said.


    Thanks, Shaifaly for bringing the post.
    If some perosn induldge in wrongful means than the profession as a whole should not be blamed.

  53. CA D.R. Soni says:

    There should be a petition demanding Aaj Tak to apologize..

  54. CA Pradeep Mishra says:

    Excellent reply. I agree with your view


    But Ca proffession is a trusted proffession all around ,No outside agency has no power to comment on entire community,
    there must be an applogy from AAJ TAK Channel

  56. CA R.N.Hegde says:

    Dear Shafiya,

    Well said. congrats

  57. Karishma Singhal says:

    Very good and strong reply Shaifali….
    We are with you

  58. Mohit says:

    Hatsoff Shaifalji… Just for few culprits, the whole CA community should not be blamed


    Very Good Reply

  60. CA Sidharth Bafna says:

    Aaj tak should telecast news with the name of person instead of blaming whole CA community. One CA is not a representative of whole CA community. Even if they had not been CA they would be able to do all such malpractice. Profession and personal character are two separate entity.
    Blaming CA Community for all false practice is just a TRP raising stunt.

  61. CA PRAKASH R KADUR says:

    Ms. Shaifaly Girdharwal

    we whole heatedly support your voice and proud. Hope the institute will take this matter and protest.

  62. CA GCV Rangam says:

    there may be black sheep in a folk, doesn’t mean all the sheep is black. ICAI should file a defamatory suit against AAJ Tak and the writer of the article. We all support our institute in this regard.

  63. Subhas chandra says:

    thanks for the strong reply, but everybody should know that the commercial law is better understood by the CA’s then any body else. The gap between the law can be created by the person who knows the law better. Instead of asking for the apology why can’t apologise for wrong work of the great professional community and make the community strong enough for not committing such act in future.

  64. Abhishek Sahay says:

    Aaj Tak Reporting was biased and was not against evils but was against the profession. “NEWS MEDIA should also see how they run sponsored news at the cost of loss to National integrity and independence. They should also see how they sell themselves for political and corporate donations”.

  65. Naresh Khanna says:

    I support your point of view Shaifaly ji ! Keep up the good work.

  66. vipin kumar rajpoot says:

    I agree with shaifaly ji . it is wrong to blame the entire profession for the act few individuals.

  67. mahesh agrawal says:

    media should see among themselves before raising eyebrows. How the Aajtak forget about its own reporter who has been named and blamed previously . For some people , entire community can’t be blamed

  68. Atulkumar Singh says:

    AAJ Tak, what can we expect from them. Its a media house completely run their business and news under the control of this govt. If they do not operate in a manner in which govt asked them then they will not get funds. Shame .


    Well said Shaifaly!

  70. DHIREN RATHORE says:

    I agree to disagree with the author.. CAs have facilitated extentisvely in conversion and bailed out politicos and bureaucrats bringing shame to the faternity at large

    • Tapan says:

      Total system needs a re-check. We need to inject a strong balanced internal control in the system. We know the ethics of the profession. It is most balanced one,

  71. CA Santosh Goel says:

    Very true and very well said. Whole community should not be blamed. The matter could have been presented in a way that could not have been derogate the profession. Apologies should be made

  72. divya says:

    thank you so much Shaifaly for strong reply

  73. Arshad Ali says:

    Great job Shaifaly. We feel proud to have a person like you in our community. Aaj tak must offer apology for such defamatory reporting.

  74. Joshi D J says:

    This open letter reminds me of the age old saying – “Even if you dislike the message, don’t shoot the messenger”. It is the Other honest CA’s and their association who has to set the shop in order and take to task such unscrupulous elements in their flock instead of blaming the media. They should strictly implement the rule and report about those CA’s who flout the rules and bring in such professional disrepute for all others” Please thank the media for highlighting boldly about this instead of blaming them.

  75. Utkarsh H Desai says:

    I saw the video and the language used by Aaj tak is as if every CA is indulged in converting black to white. They even went out on blaming the Institute saying “High Ethics ki badi badi batein sirf kagaz par hi hoti hai.” What the hell is this?? Is this the kind of journalism that we are going to accept???

    The channel and their entire team should publicly issue a statement of apology and I feel even the ICAI should take action against the channel for misreporting.

    We are proud to be Chartered Accountants. Nothing more needs to be said.

  76. Omkar says:

    Good work Shaifaly. Really bad to here such news and felt more bad that was from one of the most trusted news channels. Aaj Tak would have thought 10 times before bringing disrepute to the profession.
    Only a Chartered Accountant knows what pain it requires to became a successful CA. They should seek the apology for this. There are always exceptional people , but this doesn’t mean that all are same. They should have addressed to specific persons rather than using the words Chartered Accountants. Does Aaj Tak know what would be the impact on the Indian economy if there are no CAs.??? They don’t have any rights to bring down the standards of the Institute which are already raised far high. We have our own code of ethics and serious actions are being taken against those who are accused of it. Not at all bad feelings for Aaj Tak Team but a Sincere and very kind request to the team that this wasn’t a proper way of addressing to the common people. Expecting a sincere apology .

    • Riddhisiddhi says:

      This is a democracy.. & if a person acting in his office as an accountant & giving a professional advise.. than he must be blamed for the wrong doings as a professional… than what AAJ Tak has don wrong by such reporting….

      & do not consider yourself profession as out of this world… this is mere a profession of accountancy who is acting in public as a legal professional unauthorized & unconstitutional..

  77. CA PAWAN AGRAWAL says:

    Thank you very much shaifaly for registering your protest for the dignity of the CA profession

  78. Manohar sharma says:

    very well said.

  79. SURESH NR says:

    Dear All,
    i respect view of all and my opionon not based on Professional bases but as Citizen of India.No one is aking AAJ TAK to disclose the Name of Members who has been involving helping clinents in converting black money into white.
    just Demand AAJ TAK to not to play with Innocent peoples of india only for increasing TRP Rates.
    i openly chanllenge AAJ TAK if they have concern towards the country please disclose the name of the Chartered Accountant Names.

  80. Ankur Lodhi says:

    Very Good Work for Aaj Tak Tear & management……………

    and take a hard action for PMO & ICAI.

  81. MVK RAO says:

    I support this letter and Aajtak needs to set right the message it wants to convey. If they have the guts, do investigations and bring out all black money holding politicians and help the nation.

  82. CA Hitesh Shah says:

    I fully agree with the Author for the views taken. We have seen these media mainly (Aaj tak, ABP, NDTV) only shows the negative part of demonetization and never talk about the positive appoach and educate the common people the benefits. Instead they are supporting black money hoarders because they get money for their reporting.

  83. S S Dahale says:

    No way it is DEFAMATION by AAJ TAK ( rather it is the’ FACT’ )to professional s who prefix CA in front of their Name

  84. S S Dahale says:

    No way it is DEFAMATION by AAJ TAK ( rather it is the’ FACT’ to professional s who prefix CA in front of there Name

  85. Y.MURALIDHAR says:

    It is really true that all CAs are like that, the AAJ Tak channel must have apology the blame which made on CAs. As said there may be fraction of per cent are there to engage black in to white money but the law and the ICACI are there to take action against them. Not only in this profession but also in other profession also like some engineers, doctors, IPS, IAS also have such things, it dose’t mean that all are like that only.
    No one have rights to target to blame any professions, whatever may be.

    Hence blaming

  86. Manish says:

    Dont be pissed, it wasnt that derogatory.

  87. CA. J.R.Kota FCA says:


    I appreciate your concern for the prestige and dignity of the profession. I am also a member of the profession like you. In stead of fighting with Aaj Tak Team, my suggestion would be use your energy to convince our own fraternity members to take oath not to provide any consultancy which has got the character of defeating the noble intention of the scheme. In Nirbhaya case the advocates have taken a united stand not to defend the culprits in courts. Let us take a cue from them. If it is going to be a collective decision then there would be level playing field.

    • Riddhisiddhi says:

      Yes. Mr. J.R. Kota, I 100% agree with you..

      • Riddhisiddhi says:

        Your qoute…. “In Nirbhaya case the advocates have taken a united stand not to defend the culprits in courts. Let us take a cue from them.

        Sir ICAI (Financial) since from the beginning getting clues from Bar Council of India & Lawyer Fraternity… & developed accountant profession as a legal advisor profession… & that is unconstitutional itself..

  88. CA Vikas Gudadinni says:

    Awesome Reply………… Thanks for writing….

  89. S.SHANMUGAVELU says:

    Yes what she said is 100% true

  90. Atul Kumar Khemka says:

    Well Said
    We belong to a very noble profession and all are not engaged in such matters

  91. Amit Agarwal says:

    Dear Shaifaly, I also respect all the professional like CA,CA,ICWA, Dr., Engineers, advocated, IAS etc. But sorry to say if any one think that they are running the country/economy, they are fool. country/economy running by a team in which all of the citizen giving their contribution. When one Dr./CA done a great job all related community join him as a team & take credit but in the opposite case all are rejected to him from their team & request to don’t represent him as a community.

    You should be aware that many of the fraud case in our economy done with the help of some of the CA’s(Should not be represent to CA Community but these are CA’s). Balance sheet finalized as per client’s requirement, however government rules should be also follow as per client requirement.

    Govt. given 4-6-7 months to file return to various category of tax payers so no need to work till late nights in September end. Even if anybody work in late night he also get proper remuneration from their client, You know how many population work 15-18 hours over the year. If they don’t work, no body can survive & no need to these professionals.

    I am not supporting to any media house and not alleging to any one but if any one our family member doing any crime all family get affected, they can not say that he is not a family & our family name cannot be used for that.

    Hope you will take is a fair conversation.

    • VD Mishra says:

      I agree with you sir. But we also need to understand the basic reason behind this. When you assign a job to Mr Y to check the accounts of Mr X. But fee of doing so is to be paid by Mr. X to Mr. Y. Then i am not able to understand why Mr Y will not take favour of Mr. X. This is obvious and normal human behaviour. A Chartered accountant is also a human first. No doubt he possess good knowledge and expertise in finance and other related law.

    • Riddhisiddhi says:

      I 100% agree with you..

  92. SN says:

    The author seems under misunderstanding.

    1. “We spend half of our life in studies and analysing the provisions for its proper implementation”…… Also analyzed how to identify the loopholes in implementation.

    2. “No change in any statute can survive without our support”…. slow claps….. There are more than thousands of statutes other than fiscal statutes which a CA may not even heard of.

    3. “CA is the name of proven integrity.”…. Again slow claps…. It is a widely known truth (sarcasm…not at all). I recollect that last year ITAT has passed stricture against a CA for this integrity.

    I had the patience of reading the first para only and found not worthy…. Not interested to read other paras of this article which defends some of the white collar criminals.

    Thanks (for making me laugh… sarcasm…not at all again)

  93. Damyanti gupta says:

    I agree with you
    We have to be unite fir this.

  94. Ca Luxmi Saxena says:

    Agreed with Shaifaly ,

  95. Kamal Gupta says:

    CA is not a person but is a trained person for a specific job required in modern society. Using the word CA in reporting is wrong. Actions are done by a person not by CA, so AAJ TAK should use the name of person.

  96. AMAR DEEP says:


  97. CA T V RAMASESHAN says:

    I am happy somebody and that to a lady had the guts to write this. Many people came to me I said thats not my trade.I rather live poor rather than oppose system.

  98. CA Ashok kumar says:

    Dear friend, You have done a fantastic job. We are so proud of you.

  99. nikunj says:

    I fully support u

  100. Narayan Dass Jain says:

    Very good response.

  101. R. Prasad says:

    The media presenting the perception of general people and it is true general people perception isn’t factitious. If processionals fraternity spend hard time in the month of September to comply statutory compliance for his fees only and not or social service.

  102. CA Manoj Deshpande says:

    Dear CA’s

    Need not take Aaj Tak Channel seriously. They are borne news traders. You need not believe each and every thing shown on this channel. The CA giving advice is shown handling old and fake note as his fees.

  103. BHAVIK MEHTA says:

    I request one read the below link.

    Two reporters were arrested for taking a bribe for INR 100 CRORE!!!!.

    If after this news every reporter would treat as corrupt by questioning to reporters community is it justified?

    I believe News reporters and news channels should not use their right to report in wrong way and should follow some ethics and responsibility. It is not expected from the reputed and trustworthy news channel AAJTAK.


  104. Sudhir Dilip Baing says:

    I agree with you..

  105. CA. M. Lakshmanan says:

    Rightly said; it is wrong to blame the entire profession for the act few individuals.

  106. Manish Gupta says:

    Hats Off to you Shaifaly. Courage is another quality of a CA and you proved it.

    Manish Gupta

  107. N M Dave says:

    Well said and well done.

  108. N Sridhar CA says:

    You could have added that some journalists are making their livelihood by engaging in “paid journalism’…does this mean that the entire journalist fraternity can be called ‘ paid journalists ?

  109. Shubhangi Singh says:

    And ma’am the way you are boasting about your studies is like Chartered Accountants are the only people on earth who study. There are many other professions which require more hard work and dedication and much more important than Chartered Accountants.

  110. Pawan says:

    Strong Reply. We all support your view.

  111. proud indian says:

    the whole system of tax evasion and the like….. starts from advise of CAs more importantly practising CAs only. they fudge the accounts and tax returns and create the whole gamut of black money. its a well known practise and needs no proof. they are the biggest contributes to this rotten system and pls dont use big words like integrity which are confined only to a few CAs..!!

  112. Shubhangi Singh says:

    I think its the duty of media to reveal such conducts to the public, you can’t take it to yourself. Here your ego is clearly visible and you are talking about the ego of media. They are not derogating your community, they are just doing their work.

  113. ca jk Pahuja says:

    Excellent approach.
    I wonder as to why the elected members & The Institute itself had not observed such comments.
    I appreciate your courage .for the sake of CA community.

  114. MNG says:

    Who is CA of Aaj Tak.

  115. Amit Goyal says:

    Even though I am not a CA but being a finance professional I strongly recommend your letter to Aaj Tak. News channels can’t defame the entire community, as a professional we not only works day and night for implementation of various laws, we do provide full support in making of drafting the rules and laws. Aaj Tak should apology for their comments on CA.

  116. akash says:

    I am also a ca. But I am observing that out of 10 CAs practicing, 7 are engaged in this practice only. In a recent Mumbai ITAT decision also assesse accepted that his CA colluded with him for accommodation entry. If CAs will not get good job than they will indulged in this practice, Government should employ CA in IRS service so it can benefit both ways. I don’t think AAJ TAK should apology for this.

    • Shafaly says:

      That may b true for your surroundings. The people I know are like 9 out of 10 are fair. Trust me there are many senior CA who follow best practices of ptofession.

    • PARAS NATH says:


  117. Shridhar.H says:

    I fully agree with you. AAJ TAK has got the habbit of generalising the things.

  118. R NAGARAJAN says:

    In Jan 1982, the then Union Finance Minister inaugurated new Income Tax Building in Chennai. I was an articled clerk at that time.

    In Chennai, the next building to Income Tax Office is CA Institute.

    The Minister, during his speech, he told openly that for tax evasion, people coming out from next building are helping and he further told that they should advise tax savings and not on tax evasion.

    Within next two weeks, he was shifted to defence ministry

  119. v ganapathi subramanian says:

    Yes I fully accept your points.
    your seeking apology is correct

  120. CA S Gupta says:

    Dear Shaifaly

    We are proud to have young members like you in fraternity.

  121. Pankaj says:

    I support your point of view Shaifaly, even though I am not a CA (CA Inter actually!!)

  122. Subhash Kalal says:

    Aaj tak should telecast news with the name of person instead of blaming whole CA community. One CA is not a representative of whole CA community.

  123. Rahul Gupta says:

    Proud of my profession..!!

  124. t.v.sreekantan says:


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