The new normal has opened up new frontiers for all of us. The challenges of present times have created new possibilities. To comprehend the opportunities, new perspectives and a fresh outlook, we need to do de-learning and re-learning. Our Short-Term Online Courses can play an important role to impart desired learnings and skills to mitigate various challenges of present times. 

TaxGuru Edu, an educational wing of TaxGuru, announces Live Online Short Term Certification Courses on GST Compliances, Income Tax Compliances and Advanced Excel – June 2021.

Course 1 – GST Compliance Course

The course covers GST Compliances concerning registrations, returns, refunds, E Invoicing, E way Bills etc. The detailed coverage is written below. 

The batch shall be delivered by CA Deepika Agrawal.  She is a practicing Chartered Accountant with an experience of more than 10 years. She is 9th Rank holder in CA Inter and 23rd Rank holder in CS Final. She has been handling GST compliances, GST Audits, GST Assessment proceedings and GST consultancy assignments since the inception of the law. She has conducted various seminars, workshops and trainings on GST organized by Corporates.

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Course Coverage

Batch covers compliances aspects under GST Law with special focus on

1. Registration

i) Applying for New Registration

a) Regular dealer

b) Composition dealer

ii) Amendment in core fields of Registration

iii) Amendment in non-core fields of Registration

iv) Applying for cancellation of Registration

v) Application to opt & to withdraw from the composition levy scheme.

vi) How to download and view Certificates

2. Varies Applications

i) Refund Application

ii) Application for LUT

3. How to file GST Returns

i) GSTR-3B

ii) GSTR-1

iii) TDS and TCS

iv) ITC04

v) GSTR-9

vi) GSTR-9C/Reconciliation statement

vii) How to opt Quarterly return Monthly Payment Scheme (QRMP).

4. Reconciliation with GSTR-2A & GSTR-2B, Books and 3B

5. How to create E-invoice

6. E-Way Bill

i) How to create E-Way Bill.

ii) Application for unblocking of E-way Bill.

7. How to submit response to notices issued by the department

8. Payments

i) Create challans

ii) Saved Challans

iii) Challans History

iv) Intimation of Voluntary Payment- DRC-03

v) Application for Deferred payment/ payment in instalments

9) How to download ledgers-

i) Cash Ledgers ii) Credit Ledgers iii) Liability ledgers

10. How to search a registered dealer on GST portal & what information should be looked upon before dealing with the party.

11. Miscellaneous Issues

Course 2 – Income Tax Compliance Course

The course covers Income Tax Compliances concerning Income Tax returns, TDS returns, preparation and filing of Tax audit forms etc. The detailed coverage is written below. 

The batch shall be delivered by CA. Pankaj Saraogi. He is a practicing Chartered Accountant with 10th Rank in CA Final and highest marks in Direct Tax Law in NIRC-ICAI. He is an eminent speaker in seminars, workshops and trainings on Direct Taxes organized by ICAI, PSUs, Corporates and has proven track record in handling complex Direct Tax matters.

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Course Coverage

Batch covers compliances aspects under Income Tax Law with special focus on

1. Challenges in filing of Income-tax Returns and related correspondences like payment of advance tax, self-assessment tax, reconciliation of information in Form 26AS and Tax Audit Form

2. Challenges in filing of TDS/TCS Quarterly Statements and related correspondences like payment of TDS/TCS, annual statement in case of salary, generation of TDS Certificates.

3. Filing of challan cum statement in case of TDS on purchase of Immovable Property and payment of Rent by non-businessman Individual/HUF

4. Filing of Forms in case of payment to non-residents (Form 15CA/15CB) and related aspects

5. Downloading Form 26AS and analysis of information

6. Preparation & filing of Tax Audit Form (Form 3CA/3CB & 3CD), attachments required

7. Checking refund status, adjustment with demands, refund re-issue in case of failure

8. Downloading & Interpretation of intimation/computerized processing by department

9. Checking PAN Status

10. Checking jurisdictional Income-tax officer

11. Locating PAN of Corporates with name

12. Locating TAN

13. Filing of ITR by Legal Heir

14. Reply to 133(6) (enquiry) notices

15. Overview of Faceless Assessments and response thereof

Course 3 – Advanced Excel Course

Working as a CA or an Article in any company, it is always expected that we are perfect in numbers. The one tool which is quite common and useful in every industry is MS-Excel. The batch shall cover advanced excel techniques.

The batch shall be delivered by CA Deepika Agrawal. She is a practicing Chartered Accountant with an experience of more than 10 years. She is 9th Rank holder in CA Inter and 23rd Rank holder in CS Final. She has been working on multiple assignments where there has been extensive use of MS- Excel such as automation assignments with corporates, ERP implementation, Bank Audits etc. She has trained corporate professionals through various workshops and trainings on Excel.

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Course Coverage

1. Filling & Formatting:

Excel has the ability to auto-fill cells and add special formatting to cell batches more easily than ever. We will learn the shortcut keys and pay attention to Excel’s new automation features to accelerate our work rate in the platform immensely.

2. Collection & Verification of Business data:

Businesses often employ multiple systems (i.e., CRM, inventory) each with its own database and logs. All of which can be exported into Excel for easy access. The program can also be used to clean up data, by removing incomplete or duplicate entries; eliminating such data from the beginning is necessary as it can impact later analysis and reporting.

 3. Data Analysis:

So you’ve been dumped with a giant pile of data and charged with drawing insights from it. Not to worry as Excel can also help you manage and synthesize clear communicable results from it. One of the best features to do this is called Pivot Tables. They allow users to consolidate and focus on certain segments of data from a large data set, creating concise snapshots that can be used as an interactive summary report. By applying filters or swapping out data segments, the table can be effortlessly changed to display desired data fields.

4. Reporting + Visualizations:

Data from both raw data sets and Pivot tables can even be used create charts and graphs. Which can be used for formal reports, presentations, or aid in one’s data analysis. As they can provide another perspective on trends and performance. Visual reporting can be used in all sectors of business. For instance, marketing teams can use a column chart to report the efficacy of an ad campaign over time and compare it to previous campaigns.

 5. Inventory Tracking:

Tracking inventory can be a headache. Fortunately, Excel can help to keep employees, business owners, or even individuals organized and on top of their inventory—before any major problems crop up.

 6. Calenders & Schedules:

For Chartered Accountants, multiple deadlines are there every month. With the help of Excel, they need not worry about the deadlines approaching. Excel can help in determining the deadlines based on their priorities.

7. Automation of Financials from Tally

Preparation of balance sheets, profit & loss, month wise analysis, quarterly analysis for the management directly through the tally reports with the help of excel.

 8. Balance Sheet Consolidations:

Consolidation of Multiple Balance sheets for various branches of a unit. Excel makes it easy to update the consolidated the balance sheet just with a few clicks.

 9. ERP implementations.

Shifting data from one software to another, how excel helps in managing the data and making it readable for the new software and how it makes it easy to work on the new software from the very first day.

 10. Calculation of interest, depreciation, penalty, taxes

With the help of date and time functions, these values can be calculated just with the help of inputs. Excel helps in the same with the understanding of the  concept of date and time as numerical figures

 11. Reporting to the management:

Huge Data makes no sense to the top management. Excel helps in drafting the reports in such a concise manner that the management is able to derive the financial health of the company from a single page report.

12. Assistance in Bank and Other Audits:

Determining which accounts have to be selected as samples depending upon the grey areas highlighted by Excel utility. With the help of Excel one can easily determine the accounts where the problem persists such as late payment of interest, non-payment of EMIs, Non-renewal of accounts etc.

 13. Filling of GST Returns:

With the help of Excel, the data dump from the financial softwares of the client can be processed in such a manner that the GSTR-3B summary can be prepared automatically thereby resulting in saving the time involved in processing of returns.

14. Sparkline Charts:

A chart line is a feature that allows you to embed charts inside cells, greatly improving your ability to consolidate large amounts of information into a single spreadsheet.

 15. Making charts visually appealing

Excel Charts has many features for not only creating reports but also making them look attractive to readers.

a. Time Series Charts

b. Scatter plotting

c. Trend Line

16. Sharing data with teammates or clients depending on the user rights to be given to the audience.

 17. Creating forms for specific data entry from the audience/ clients.

 18. Use of special functions such as Conditional Formatting, Paste Special, Advance Sorting, Text to Columns, Advance Filters, etc.

Special Features of Our Short-Term Courses

1) The Online course will go with the live streaming to give you the updated law with real class experience.

2) Detailed study to let you become an Expert in the field.

3) Study in the comfort and privacy of your home.

4) Certificate by Taxguru Edu after successful completion.

5) Live Query resolution through free access to the interactive Query resolution forum.

6) Reading Material Shall be provided in E-Form

7) Batch on Weekends i.e Saturday and Sunday.

8) Recording shall be provided for each session for a limited period. 

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Who can attend Short-Term Course?

  • Finance professionals like CA/CS/CMA/Lawyers who deal in taxation to meet their professional needs.
  • SMEs, Traders, Tax Officials, Finance and Accounts Officers,
  • Professionals who want to shift from finance to Taxation domain.
  • GST Practitioners and Income Tax Practitioners.
  • Individuals/beginners seeking career opportunities in the taxation domain.

How to Ask Queries?

For subject specific queries, we have developed a Forum facility on the website. Complete Details shall be shared after registration. Queries relevant to the Course will be solved till a week after the end of Course.

Mode of Communication

The Professional Development Courses shall be deliberated in English as well as Hindi as the users are from across India. 

Batch Duration

Each Course is for 20 hours. Eight live sessions for 2.5 hours each on weekends. 

Batch Schedule and Fee: 

Particulars GST Compliance Course Income Tax Compliance Course Advanced Excel Course
Batch Start Date 27th June’ 21 1st August’ 21 8th Aug’ 21
Batch End Date July End August End Sept Mid
Batch Timings Saturday Eve. (6 to 8:30 pm

Sunday Mor. (8 to 10:30 am)

Saturday Eve. (6 to 8:30 pm

Sunday Mor. (8 to 10:30 am)

Saturday Noon. (3 to 5:30 pm

Sunday Noon. (3 to 5:30 pm)

Course Fee Rs. 6,950 + GST @ 18% Rs. 6,950 + GST @ 18% Rs. 6,950 + GST @ 18%
Special Offer Special offer for limited period. Buy one course at 10% discount, Buy two at 20% discount and Buy three at 30% discount. Coupon codeTG10“, “TG20” and “TG30” respectively.

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For any assistance, call us at 88-99-11-77-01 or mail us at [email protected] 

We’ll truly be a partner in your progress

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